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Occurred : 4/21/2004 06:05 (Entered as : 04/21/1904 6:05)
Reported: 4/21/2004 1:55:43 PM 13:55
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: Port Clements (Canada), BC
Shape: Light
Duration:7 minutes
Object followed contrail of commerical aircraft and then briefly followed the aircraft itself before going back to the contrail.

I am not a believer in UFOs, at least I wasn't until this morning. Even now I'm not so sure what to believe! I looked up to early morning sky (pre sunrise) to see a commercial airline jet traveling from southeast to northwest at approximately 6:05 AM. Along the contrail I saw a pinhead speck of bright light moving irratically up and down the port side of the contrail. It darted towards it, then back away from it several times. The light then traveled up and down the one side of the contrail. It followed the contrail back up to the rear of the jet then back down the contrail, again. It then began to dart in and out of the contrail and finally passed through it to the the starboard side. It repeated its motions up and down and in and out of the contrail, than passed back through it to the port side. Once again it moved very quickly up to the rear of the jet and then disappear. I cannot tell you the elevation at which the jet was flying. I'm sure that this can be found out from one of the airports (Vancouver International) air traffic control.

Note: We regularly have commercial jets fly over the Queen Charlotte Islands. Port Clements is at about the center of Graham Island, part of the QUeen Chalotte/Haida Gwaii chain of islands that is about 500 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia and about eighty miles out into the Pacific Ocean from the British Columbia mainland.

I have never seen anything like this in my life! I know that I saw a pinhead size very bright light moving irractically at a very high altitude. I don't know of anything that would perform in such a fashion at that altitude, either.

I hope that I'm not bothering you with this report. I just don't know what to think! It was not a jet/escort jet, I'm sure, at least not flying in the manner that this object flew.

Thank you, sincerely, for taking the time to read this submission.