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Occurred : 4/15/1998 03:30 (Entered as : 4-15-98 3:30 am)
Reported: 4/19/2004 12:49:28 AM 00:49
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: Ashland (outside Douglas Co.), NE
Shape: Fireball
Duration:30 min +
I remember this date and time distinctively , as it wax tax day , my first year in buisness .

A friend and myself decided to go catfishing at the "salt creeek" in Ashland NE.

I was a very beautiful night with clear skies . We hung out late in hopes of catchin a big one . Around 3:30am we decided to take off , fishing was slow that night .

We were heading back toward omaha on highway 6 .Just after we had crossed the bridge by the creek , my buddy riding shotgun notices something very strange and tells me to look up . To my surprise , I notice 4 flare like objects slowly descending . One was well above the others , all of wich were no further than 1000 yards away . Its seems to me the bigger one may have been triangle shaped . The other 3 that at first glance looked like flares descending slowly as if they were attatched to parachutes . Then all of the sudden , the 3 smaller object starting movinging around in different directions . 2 of them seemed to travel off to the west , and one seem to come straight down . Behind the trees ,the entire area in the field was lit up like a football stadium at night .

At this point , I could hardly keep the car on the road . We turned back and decided to further investigate . I found a country road , that was closest in the direction of the crafs . we were driving up this dirt road , west toward farm area . Between us and the creek , around 3-500 yards away , we could see this glowing plasma ball like object , kinda bluish white , and green at times , howevering in the tops of a tree .Almost blinding to look at .

I remeber there was also another witnes that was driving a 84 chevy s-10 pickup coming towards us . we were both coming at each other maybe 5 miles per hour . And it was obvious , this guy was withouth a doubt looking at the same thing .

After this guy passed us , i figured what the hell , ya only live once , we pulled off road into the feild and got out of the car . Mind blown on what we were seeing we started walkin toward it .I do not remember any noise. Within a couple minutes of getting closer , it started getting super foggy . Visibility began to get poor . The illumination of the of object grew dimmer and dimmer . all the sudden it was gone , vanised . We waited for the fog to clear and could not find even a trace of evidence , i wished to god I would have had a camera.

we still discuss it from time to time , and the last couple of years I've been keeping my eyes on these reports to see if anything else was reported around that date , or in that same exact area . I guess im posting in hopes of finding more info on what we saw .

The funny thing is , after talking about it all these years , we realized that when it was over , we were driving home at sunrise . Not sure if we lost time or not , it is possible .

We are going to conduct further investigation this year with camera (digital , and completely mechanical ) . I will post updates if we find anything . I will also try to get my bud to post as well , in case there is something he saw that i didnt .

One thing is for damn sure , they were without a doubt aircraft of some sort , but definitely not of this world .