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Occurred : 3/25/2004 18:30 (Entered as : 03/25/2004 18:30)
Reported: 4/14/2004 1:09:08 PM 13:09
Posted: 4/27/2004
Location: Toronto (Canada), ON
Shape: Sphere
Duration:2 minutes
Two spheres or discs flying parallel in the sky

Perhaps this is related to the account on the same evening from the airliner crew over Omaha, NE.

This is what I witnessed in the sky over Toronto on Mar 25, 2004 at 6:30 pm EST, and I would like to preface this by saying my eyesight is much better than 20/20, especially when viewing something long distance: Two small (10 feet in diameter at the most) black or dark coloured orbs/spheres or discs in the sky, floating (I would say flying but they were wingless) silently and parallel to each other, from west to east following identical flight paths and speed. The more southern of the two was perhaps (estimate) 20 or 30 full size passenger plane lengths ahead of the other. Due to the formation I kept looking to see if there was a 3rd object where one would expect it be (the 3rd point in the hypothetical triangle) but there certainly was not. I also kept looking between the two discs to see if they were connected by anything visible, but again, nothing but the cloud above them was seen.

I could hear various air traffic above me that evening but not see any airplanes as the clouds were quite low, yet these objects were beneath the cloud cover. When they were a fair distance away from me and I had a more "head on" angle view to them I noticed they appeared to be gyrating in the manner in which a bullet travels down a barrel of a gun (tight spirals) as it moves forward. Eventually they just became too far away to see.

Sincerely ((name deleted))