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Occurred : 3/25/2004 21:00 (Entered as : 03/25/2004 21:00)
Reported: 4/9/2004 10:11:48 AM 10:11
Posted: 4/9/2004
Location: Fischer, TX
Shape: Egg
Duration:15 minutes
Texas Hill Country apparent mapping or topographic ufo flying north to south and then east to west straight lines, no lights, no sound

Cool clear night in the Texas Hill Country. My son and I were on the back porch admiring the full Moon. Very bright outside to the point of shadows under the trees and so on. We saw an egg or oval shaped something fly over, maybe 100 feet or less fly over our house in a straight line (north to south) The moon lite up the back side and you could make out panels, ridges on it. No lights. Because the moon was shining on its surface it appeared to be bronze on darker bronze (flat finish) colored. It was flying fairly slowly. If I were to estimate maybe 30 miles an hour? We both commented on how weird that was. No sound again no lights of any kind. A few moments later we were still standing there looking up to see if it came around again, within 5 minutes, we saw it again, this time flying east to west, straight line no lights, with either the back end or side lite by the moon. Very stable flight no wobble or teeter of any kind. This was not a bird (owl/hawk), there were no wings and it was a very exceptionally clear night. The ship/ object was close enought to see panels and ridges between the panels. I could draw a picture, unfortunatly we did not have a camera.