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Occurred : 3/31/2004 19:45 (Entered as : 03/31/2004 19:45)
Reported: 3/31/2004 8:17:31 PM 20:17
Posted: 4/9/2004
Location: Norman, OK
Shape: Chevron
Duration:5-8 seconds
Almost Transparent Chevron Shaped Objects- Norman Oklahoma

My son and I were out in the back yard, he was playing with the dog and I was staring at the sky hoping to spot a dusk-time satellite to point out to him, something we have done several times over the years. I was facing almost due west, looking almost straight up to 45 degrees- scanning the sky. Something, coming into my peripheral vision from my left, caught my eye and I turned to focus on it. I could not make it out clearly. I could tell it was chevron to bow shaped, clear to orange-ish, but very faint colored. There was either another, but smaller, or a same sized but higher object to the left of it, both were chevron/bow shaped. My first thought was that it was a flock of geese, but before I could tell my son to "look at the geese", I realized it was traveling entirely too fast for birds and there was no "honking" or sound what so ever normally associated with geese. The only thing that I could say was,"son, tell me you see that." and his response was "that is awesome." From the time I first spotted it to losing sight of it over some trees in the neighbors yard was 5-8 seconds. It was almost directly overhead. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000-2500 feet off the ground. Size of the object?? All that I can honestly say was that it was big. It was not just a dot or a line. For lack of scale, looking up in the sky, it was 10" to 12" in the sky and the smaller one was 6" to 8". The "body" of the object was 1" (middle) to pointed end (actually it faded to nothing at the "wing-tips"), it was hazy looking almost like a cloud. It travelled south to north. Sky was clear (not a cloud in the sky) with light wind out of the northeast (6mph). I have worked in the aircraft industry for almost 10 years and I know what an airplane is, and I know what geese look like flying in formation. This was not either. I live 10-15 minutes south of Tinker AFB and see military aircraft daily, it wasn't anything I have seen flying overhead from there. (Also, note, I did see either a 7! 07 or AWAC on final approach around 5-10 minutes following my sighting of the objects. It was east of me, and I could clearly see the strobes and landing lights as well as hear it, it was several miles away.) There were also several small aircraft (3-4) in the sky each going in different directions at different flight levels.