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Occurred : 3/28/2004 14:30 (Entered as : 14:30)
Reported: 3/28/2004 7:10:28 PM 19:10
Posted: 3/29/2004
Location: Laurel, MS
Shape: Changing
Duration:5-7 minutes
Undulating object seen over Laurel Mississippi on 3/28/04 at 2:30pm

At 2:30 today my wife and I were outside allowing our puppy some time to play and do her business. We were sitting in lawn chairs when I looked up and saw a dark brownish-red object directly overhead. The object looked like a tube with each end rounded like a ball. It was undulating and twisting around slowly. After I determined it wasn't a bird or any other known object I ran into the house to get my camcorder. My wife, who wears glasses was unable to see the object mostly because she couldn't find it in the sky. It was moving in and out of the clouds.

After I finally found my camcorder case inside I brought it outside and took out the camera, attached the battery and inserted a tape. All of which took some moments. By this time the object had moved off and was further away.

When I first saw the object it was directly overhead and moving in a north - northeast direction. Now that I had the camera I moved across the yard to a spot where I could shoot through the trees at where I figured it would be by now. In a moment I found it and shot the attached video.

The object was still moving to the north - northeast while clouds were moving slowly to the north. Today was a partly sunny day with rainclouds moving into the area from the south.

My video camera has an onboard automatic focus and it kept trying to focus on infinity during the shoot, thus the image is sometimes out of focus. At one point I pointed the camera down to the top of some trees to force it to focus. As the object moves thru the trees it appears to remain focused. It then dissappeared into the cloud bank. My Hi-8mm camera has a 22x zoom which I had it zoomed full. The video is shakey because of this extreme zoom.

I have a higher resolution version of this file as well as the 8mm tape.