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Occurred : 2/5/2004 13:59 (Entered as : 02/05/2004 13:59)
Reported: 3/14/2004 10:24:56 PM 22:24
Posted: 3/17/2004
Location: Bend, OR
Shape: Unknown
Duration:not know
here is the story behind the picture..I live in Oregon and as always for the last few months it has been cold and overcast if not snowing The picture was taken on a overcast day with temp in the high 30s..the camera is a Olympus C 3000 not a cheapy by any means i have been takeing pictures for many years and i know a lens flair when I see one...In the bushes you will see alittle grey and white cat she lives in my shop(i work on cars for a hobby) and i had taken a picture of a truck i was working on... So I seen her in the bushes and thought well why not take one of her.................

I was only looking at her when the picture was taken and did not notice what she was watching only that she was looking up after loading the picture on the computer did i see what the cat was watching..She is looking right at it when I looked at it harder i noticed what seem to be a aura of heat around it and also the beam of light to the left of the picture......the picture was taken 2/15/04 at 1:59 pm....any thoughts?????????? I just want to know what it is

((NUFORC Note: The photo looks interesting to us, but we turned to a professional photographer, requesting his opinion. The photographer is retired from the aerospace industry, where he worked as a photographer and (computer) artist.


This seems to be an artifact of the camera or film. (film flaw or perhaps a bit of static electricity in a digital camera) Something that bright would show purple or violet on surrounding bushes etc. I would expect violet highlights on the white cat or the snow for example. I don't see them. The other thing it might be is something on the branch that focuses the light like a prism there seems to be another bright spot just below the cat maybe the same color. but it seems to me to have happened after the image was captured. With a digital camera in cold weather there is sometimes a static electric charge that makes interesting effects.
so there are my thoughts


((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Ray-Paul Nielsen, Brier, WA, for supplying us with the opinion. We may post the photograph to our homepage, so that readers may decide for themselves whether the photo is potentially anomalous, or paranormal. PD))