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Occurred : 2/14/2004 19:30 (Entered as : 02/14/2004 19:30)
Reported: 3/11/2004 11:53:48 AM 11:53
Posted: 3/17/2004
Location: New York City, NY
Shape: Fireball
Duration:5 sec
huge blue shooting star

I had just arrived in NY from Paris.I was on avenue of the americas, and near greenwich village.I was looking at my left, and in the perspective of a perpendicular street at my left, i saw a HUGE blue light, as if it was a shooting star but maybe 100 times bigger. And it went down as quickly as a shooting star and disappeared at about 2 o'clock (i don't know if that mesure exist in english).It was super big and super fast.

After that, i looked carefully at the planes to check with their size but their is nothing in common between them.This object was either very close which seems impossible, or huge.Even if close, i would still say it was a supersize light.


Hello Peter,
i'm very glad you answered my report.
I have waited two weeks back in Paris, since i came back from New York, and then i remembered i had to check on a UFO site if something was reported that day , the 14th of feb, because i expected a lot of people to have seen it.And what was my surprise when i saw the other reports on your site!Reassuring in a way...(your site is very well done in terms of ergonomy by the way)
So, for more info, i thought i would be better if I send you the global aspect of this "light" as a drawing on one of my pictures taken back then. Also , according to me it was rather blue, a pale blue very luminescent, hazy on the edges, the size of the moon maybe? a bit bigger.It had the kind of move and
way of disapearing as a shooting star, very fast. It didn't seem to burn , though, and the speed of it was
really astonishing.
I cannot say which was the direction,but i remember I was looking at the left, and going down manhattan. I was walking with a friend, she didn't see it.But immediately i thought this had nothing in common with anything i've seen in the sky so far.
Did any newspaper talked anout it?Or anyone took a picture?
I would like to know the clue of this "light".
Best luck for your research
Keep me informed please,
regards ((name deleted))