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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/26/2003 23:30 (Entered as : 12/26/2003 23:30)
Reported: 3/10/2004 11:44:01 PM 23:44
Posted: 3/17/2004
Location: Sicamous (Canada), BC
Shape: Light
Duration:1 1/2 hours - more.
RCMP report - Sicamous, British Columbia Sighting.

RCMP Report.

Date: December 26, 2003 Time: approx: 11:30 p.m.

This report is a short update on the case I am working on. After the witnesses from Sicamous, B.C. contacted me over what they had saw, I immediately started an investigation into the case. I called the Sicamous RCMP Detachment and requested to speak to the Constable who attended to the call. I was told by the dispatcher that he wasn't in that day and I left a message for him to call me back at my toll free number. I did talk briefly to the dispatcher who took the call that night from the excited witnesses. He did confirm a report was made and a RCMP Constable did go to the witnesses home to see what all the fuss was about.

After several days had past I received a telephone call from the RCMP officer who drove out to take a look at what the family was reporting. (the reason why there was a delay in the officer calling me back was due to him being off for a few days) The police officer was pleasant to talk to and we had a nice discussion. He was very helpful in providing me with information on what he saw when he arrived at the location. He was directed to where the object was sitting in the sky. At this point the witnesses said to the officer that the object had moved slightly up higher in the sky and that they had taken video of it. The constable also told me that the witnesses said that it looked more like a diamond in shape when it was lower and orange lights had kept coming and going from the object.

The RCMP constable said the witness did point out one orange colored light to him, which he admits to seeing, but he did say he did not see it move. On the large object which caught everyone's attention that night, I asked the officer if he would be able to describe this to me. He said it was stationary, blue and red lights with clear lighting, almost white light in the middle. The officer also said he did not know what it was. It could have been a number of things. The constable did look through the binoculars at the object and gave me the description of what he saw and whatever it was, was just sitting there. So the officer did see it but he cannot testify to it moving around as he did not see this happen while he was there for a short period of time. The member went back to the detachment to get a phone number for a UFO group who might want to look into the sighting and passed it along to the family. The family called a UFO group and left as message but no one returned their call.

They kept searching on internet and found HBCCUFO ...

Another update will be coming shortly with the results of what was caught on video.

If anyone in the local areas around Sicamous, Salmon Arm, Chase, Sorrento, Enderby and communities in-between have maybe noticed this object, or something else unusual in the skies would you please be kind enough to contact me with the information.

Thank you Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Phone 1 250 845 2189 email: Website:

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Brian Vike for submitting this report. PD))