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Occurred : 2/15/2003 10:30 (Entered as : 02/15/2003 10:30)
Reported: 3/10/2004 10:51:27 PM 22:51
Posted: 3/17/2004
Location: Surrey (Canada), BC
Shape: Sphere
Duration:approximately 30 minutes
Three colored spheres.

Number of witnesses: 3 Number of objects: 3 Shape of objects: spheres email report: I was standing in the back of the house. It was a clear morning and when I sat down to take a load off my feet I looked up to stretch my neck. I stayed like that for a bit until I realized that I was seeing something really strange. I would say that at over 60,000 feet or higher there were three spheres separating and then criss-crossing each other.

I then called to my wife and Mom to see if they could see the same thing, and they did. I wasn't imagining it, it was so spectacular that I phoned the university of British Columbia and reported it but I never heard back from them so you are the second person that knows about it now. Thanks for listening to me.

Additional Information: I telephoned the witness back as I wanted to gather more information on the sighting these folks had back in July of 2003. What I was told was certainly interesting. In the original report which is above, the date was left out at the time the sighting report was filed, mainly because the witness was not sure when the event took place. The fellow did ask his mother as she kept a diary of some of the interesting things which take place in her life and the sighting they all had was one of these important dates to write down.

Video footage was taken of the objects. He said that there were three spheres, silver, red and green all traveling together. As the colored spheres passed by the silver object it was reflected, or the silver colored sphere changed color briefly to the color of the passing sphere. The witness said it was like a mirror image to whatever was happening around it. He said after a while the objects separated, heading off in different directions. One headed in a north-easterly direction, the other towards the west and the final sphere heading south-east.

I then talked with the gentleman's wife who gave me a good description of what she saw. The lady said she was taking her mother out when her husband called to her to come and look at the strange objects he was observing. Her first thoughts when she noticed them, was of a jet aircraft, but after watching them, she soon decided it couldn't be aircraft she was seeing. The woman said they watched the spheres for approximately 30 minutes before they finally disappeared.

She said the first sphere was silver. It looked like a shiny surface with the sun reflecting off it. Also it was noted that the silver sphere was the largest of the three. The second sphere had a reddish hue to it and the third was greenish in colour. They were unable to look at the objects for any length of time due to the brightness of the day. The lady told me she could clearly see the red sphere move towards the silver one and went behind it and disappeared. The green one also did the same thing. Eventually both of the colored spheres came out from behind the larger silver sphere and moved around the sky. The silver sphere did at times sit stationary in the sky and the colored object did the moving around. This witness said the colored spheres would at times travel down on an angle both apart from one another and that move back up towards the silver sphere. The colored spheres traveled back and forth many times to the silver object and from different directions.

What puzzled the witness, was when the objects moved off in different directions as they left their sight. They figured the wind would have carried them all in the same direction. When the objects finally were leaving the area they did so quickly.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Phone 1 250 845 2189 email: Website:

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Brian Vike for submitting this report. PD))