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Occurred : 3/8/2004 21:00 (Entered as : 03/08/2004 21:00)
Reported: 3/8/2004 10:04:04 PM 22:04
Posted: 3/9/2004
Location: Stevenson, WA
Shape: Circle
Duration:1 hour +
Colorful sunburst shaped object sends streaks of red and green "dots" (lights) toward Earth.

In the western horizon one came close enough to see it was roundish, bright light, changing color with streaks going off to the sides and down from it - sort of like a child's drawing of the sun. It is a clear night with lots of stars out - this was about 10 x larger and much brighter than any star, also very colorful. It moved up and down and seemed to be spinning around very fast. Every so often it would spit out streaks of red dots down toward the ground in a tripod shape. At the same time, there were three or four others visible, one to the north, one east and one south. The one in the west slowly got smaller and smaller, then disappeared over the egde of the mountain. The others are still very clear, they look the same, except they are too far away to see any red dots. They seem to move closer, then further away, but always differentiated from the stars around them due to the fact that they are very bright, they are colorful and they have those streaks going out to the sides and downward from them, as well as they seem to move around a lot. My daughter got them on video tape. She is still out there taping them now, it's been an hour, but I'm not sure whether she got it set up in time to catch the red dots of the first one. My daughter just came in and said that she looked at them through a rifle scope and it was spitting out red and green "dots" (lights) toward the ground. I called your hotline and the person I spoke to was a complete incompetent, not willing to listen to any description what so ever. As soon as I told him they were the size of stars, he interruped me and told me they WERE stars. I have never heard of stars moving about in the sky, nor have I seen stars spitting out red and green lights, but hey, maybe he knows it all.

((NUFORC Note: Possible sighting of Venus? PD))