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Occurred : 1/7/2004 19:30 (Entered as : 01/07/2004 19:30)
Reported: 3/6/2004 2:35:21 AM 02:35
Posted: 3/9/2004
Location: Duluth, GA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:Appx.5 Minutes
Georgia MUFON Investigation-Large Dark Triangle

On 8Jan04 Tom Sheets, the State Director for MUFON of Georgia, received a report regarding the below described event that occurred the previous night.

The witness is a 57 YOA female resident of Duluth Georgia, employed by an internationally famous Atlanta area university. Witness is from a "scientific" family, her father being involved in atomic research during the WW II era.

On 7Jan04 at about 7:30PM, witness was enroute home, driving through her neighborhood. The witness indicated she had been enjoying the beautiful weather and full moon and as she prepared to turn onto her street she noticed overhead a set of bright lights beginning to glide past. She added that she was caught off guard by this, and upon looking closer noticed that the lights were attached to the bottom of a LARGE DARK TRIANGULAR CRAFT (WUFOD "Actual Size" data field entry indicating 101-300 feet).

She continued watching, then turned onto her street, keeping it in sight. Witness' stated that her first impression was a LARGE "stealth type" craft. She described the craft as being VERY LOW in altitude (treetop), with no sound noticed (vehicle windows rolled up). Witness indicated that it was low enough that she had no trouble observing a "suction cup" like configuration around the steady white lights, one in the middle and also one on each corner, totalling four. At that point, it was traveling parallel to her and a little bit ahead (appx. 40mph). She sped up, but it appeared to be going a bit faster than her vehicle. The craft then began to ascend, it banked slightly to the left, and departed the scene. Simultaneous to the above, the witness was attempting to get out her cell phone in order to summon her friend to run outside and look skyward, but the phone was dropped onto the floorboard. She noticed two neighbors outside at the end of the street and intends on speaking with them ASAP. Within a few minutes, the witness arrived home and called the local police, Atlanta's Channel 11 (NBC) and Atlanta's Fernbank Science Center........all to no avail, as they had no information or additional reports.

As with all such preliminary reports carried in "MUFONGA Updates", this case requires additional scrutiny in order to vet the witness and attempt to determine the cause. This witness has agreed to a sit-down with our investigators and the case is in the process of being assigned to SSD/FI David Brown of Norcross.

David Brown, MUFONGA's State Section for the NE area of the greater metro Atlanta area, did in fact contact this witness. She agreed to meet with him on 10Jan04 to complete the paperwork, make a statement, and provide a sketch of what was observed. David found the witness was indeed employed in a managerial position on the staff of a world renowned Atlanta area university. Said facility having a history of close association and participation in technical government projects and various scientific disciplines. Witness was ascertained to be a well educated person, and seemed to be very concise and observant. She repeated her account in person to David and during this detailed debriefing, added additional details as to what occurred. The duration of the event was about 5 minutes, occurring as the witness drove through her neighborhood, made a few turns, and all the while keeping the object in view. It dissappeared for a brief few moments, but the terrain and direction of travel brought it back into clear view. She added that it was just over the treetops, which was determined by FI Brown to be flying at about 150 feet in altitude. Shortly before it banked and departed the area, she got a good view of the underside. The witness stated to David Brown that there was a LARGE ROUND white light at each corner and one in the center, seemingly like FLOURESCENT TUBES, with a surrounding structure that made them appear like "SUCTION CUPS". While the triangle was dark, it did seem to be of the gray shade (it was that close and well lighted). She noticed no sound, but her windows were up and the radio playing. Weather was clear, about 35 degrees, calm, CAVU.

FI Brown's follow-up included contacting the Police Department which verified that she had called to report the event, but that no officer was dispatched.

Atlanta's Channel 11 (NBC) did not refer any other witnesses to MUFONGA during that time frame, nor were any concurrent similar events reported directly to this SD. FI Brown also spoke with PIO personnel at Dobbins AFB which is about 25 miles west of the event location, also authorities at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport. They provided no information.

MUFONGA has considered in this case, a fly-over of the much discussed/rumored experimental government "lighter than air" craft. No blazing speed or incredible manuevers were reported in this event.......BUT......why would such a "legitimate" (though possibly experimental) aircraft be flying at treetop level over a densely populated area at night? Crew training? Equipment testing? Operational/navigation training? After reviewing FI Brown's investigation, this writer is of the opinion that this craft was yet another of the mysterious triangles as reported from all over the USA and Georgia (See NUFORC reports sorted by craft shape).

Please note that the witness in this case was found to be VERY CREDIBLE, requesting to remain anonymous due to the sensitive nature of her position and occupation.

We've classified this craft as an official "UNKNOWN" in MUFON's WUFOD (World UFO Database).

This writer and the rest of MUFON of Georgia wish to take this opportunity to thank Peter Davenport and the NUFORC for continuing to provide this additional database for use by the Georgia chapter (and others) in it's continuing investigation and research.

End of Report---Tom Sheets & David Brown---MUFONGA

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Tom Sheets, State Director for Georgia/MUFON, and to Mr. David Brown, Field Investigator. They may be reached at <>, and any other witnesses to this event, or any other event in the State of Georgia, are encouraged to contact them directly. PD))