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Occurred : 2/26/2004 00:00 (Entered as : 02/26/2004 00)
Reported: 2/29/2004 2:06:05 AM 02:06
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Silverdale, WA
Shape: Circle
green sigar shaped things

i was staying at my friends house and we where looking at the beach and we saw what looked like a green sigar sape thing go from the right to the tree line and go down behind them and so we figued it was a new plane from the navy bace in bremerton because ther was no sound but then we saw anther one about 1min later go to the same spot on the same path so we stayed there and watched for about an hour and we saw 42 ufo's do the same thing untill we hared a helicopter it tookes like one of those navy ones whith 2 blades go over ther and then one came it when to the tree line stoped for a sec and vanished they crafts stoped comeing and about 3 hours latter the helicopter left