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Occurred : 2/24/2004 22:00 (Entered as : 02/24/2004 22:00)
Reported: 2/25/2004 7:58:11 PM 19:58
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Paisley (UK/Scotland),
Shape: Disk
Several nights in a row, unsual hovering lights in the sky, flashing red, white, blue flashing on a wide object in the sky.

On the night of February 23rd (2004), while taking the dog out the backdoor, i was looking up into the sky to pass the time while waiting. While doing so i noticed an unsual set of lights high in the sky at some distance, being near a flight path normally this would be assosciated with being a plane, however the object did not move in any direction, just sort of hovered, and was far to high to be a warning light on a tower. After going back inside i called on my brother (12) to come have a look to see if he saw the same as me. The lights were still stationary. I ruled out it being a plane as it stayed in this position for around an hour, after a while of watching i went away from the window and later went back (bout an hour and half after originally seeing it, the light were no longer there). The object consisted of a bright white light that spanned the breadth of the object, with blue and red flashing lights, the white light also appeared to flicker. The next night was Tues 24th, i normally go out drinking with all the people from work on a tues and it was around twenty past ten and i went to wait on my bus at the road behind my house to go into town to meet them. In the sky in a near position to the night before was the same light patttern, i watched for around ten minutes while waiting on my bus, again there was no directional movement of the object. After getting on the bus i couldnt see it from the bus, i mentioned it to my mates but they just laughed. This night however the object seemed bigger than before only slightly, indicating it was a bit nearer this time. Tonight (Wednesday 25th February) i was working in the next village at the Burger King, and around half ten i was taking some rubbish bags out to the skip at the rear of the shop, on my return i could see again a similar formation of lights in the sky, much clearer than before, but still at some distance, being directly under the flight path now i had to wait to check for movement, again no significant motion just hovering! , i shouted the other two workers from inside hte shop to look, both agreed there was the white light spanning the breadthe with red and blue flashing lights, but immediatley dismissed it as a plane. I told them to come back in ten minutes, and it would still be there. Sure enough ten minutes later it still was. However they just laughed at me and said "haha how do ya think its a ufo? haha". When bein driven home i continued to watch the lights, when home i again asked my brother (12) to come look, but also my mum and other brother (18) to come look, all agreed that it was very unusual. We al looked through a monocular (best of what was at hand) i had it focused on the light, there seemed to be a saucer like shape with white light round the rim, and red (and some blue) flashing lights. It had a hovering motion. Note that this night it was in a different part of the sky, just a slight more west than the previous nights.

> I am twenty almost twenty one, currently studyin for a BA(hons) in Graphic Communication at Napier University in Edinburgh. I do graphic design outside of University in my own time doing small jobs as i learn the techniques at University. I also work part-time as a Supervisor at Burger King (It pays for me to get to Univerity). I have had a great interest in UFOs and UFOlogy for some time now, currently have been tryin to be more serious in attempts to research the subject, with aims of being a serious UFOlogist, it is something that fascinates me greatly. In the summer while on a trip to the Canada and the US i will be visiting Roswell, NM and Aztec, NM, and also the towns near Area 51. While there, in particular in Roswell, i plan to conduct several interviews, which i am trying to set up, i really hope to speak to Dennis Balthaser about his work and experience of interception as he refers to it.