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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/23/1997 21:00 (Entered as : 08/23/1997 21:00)
Reported: 2/23/2004 2:14:55 AM 02:14
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Victoria (Saxe Point) (Canada), BC
Shape: Oval
Duration:15 min
It hovered for a long time and then streaked across the sky where it disapeared ina flash.

We were enjoying a summer evening not paying much attention to the boats planes or helicopters that are common on the Juan de Fuca straight. We noticed that there was what I thought was a helicopter that had been hovering in the same spot for a long time. We watched it for a while and wondered if it was a sightseeing helicopter as it had been moving slowly back and forth high over the water along the coast off Esquimalt harbour. The more we stared at it the more we thought it was strange. Light seemed to be emanating from it. It didn't seem so far away that details wouldn't be visable yet we could make none out. It slowly began to move away from the shore out over the straight. It hovered for a few more minutes almost directly in front of where we were standing. I waived at the object as it seemed to be watching us and the second I did that it streaked accross the sky at a speed neither of us had ever seen and then in a white flash it was gone. It disapeared. I saw the light flash and the object vanish well before it reached the south eastern horizon. It made no sound.