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Occurred : 6/19/1998 21:00 (Entered as : 06/19/98 21:00)
Reported: 2/14/2004 8:14:38 AM 08:14
Posted: 3/2/2004
Location: Charlottetown (Canada), PE
Shape: Triangle
Duration:15 min
Hovering craft over water

I left my house to visit a friend, on the way up to the highway from our road I noticed the car ahead of me was going very slow, I could see that it was my neighbor's car and there were other people in the car with him {his wife and two children} one of the children was pointing over to the left and when I looked over I saw the object.

It was hovering very still above the water about 1000 ft away and about 150 ft in the air, it was a very clear evening, the object had a very bright white light coming from the very center and on each side of the white light were flashing red lights and on each side of the red lights there were non-flashing blue lights.

My neighbor pulled over his car to the side of the road and I stopped behind him and we both got out, his family stayed in the car. He asked me what I made of that, I told him it obviously is not an airplane because its sitting perfectly still, my first thought was that it was a helicopter but it was too large and although his car was still running there didn't appear to be any sound coming from it.

As we stood there for a few minutes looking at it he told me they had to leave so I pulled up the road a bit closer to it and shut the car off. I watched it for another several minutes before it started to move toward me, there was absolutly no noise coming from this object, it was silent and it was moving very slow and the only change in the lights is that before it started to move toward me the bright white light in the center dimmed. As the object which was clearly a craft of some sort approached me it turned just app. 20 ft before it did, I was more in awe then I was scared, when it turned to the northeast it turned very smooth just like a car turns, it was also at its very closest at the turn point, it kept heading northeastward at the same slow speed just above ground at app 150 ft above ground level. I watched it till it was out of sight then I turned the car around and went home, I phoned the RCMP and asked if they had any calls about strange lights in the sky, after talking with them for a few minutes they told me to get in touch with the I did, and they put me through to the control tower, I told him my story and he was quite interested knowing that I sounded sincere. He told me that there have been no flights out in the past two hours and none were do in for another hour and a half {small airport} and he said that aircraft had a red light and a green light not red and blue lights - after the report to the control tower there were a few small planes I noticed circling around the area...but this thing was gone by then.

Since this has happened some years back I can not exactly remember the date, but the details as I have described them about the sighting are, I will never forget it, I have since moved not to far from there and occasionly talk with my former neighbor, we still agree what we seen that night.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))