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Occurred : 1/28/2004 20:55 (Entered as : 01/28/2004 20:55)
Reported: 1/31/2004 10:28:57 AM 10:28
Posted: 1/31/2004
Location: Clarksville, NY
Shape: Triangle
Duration:7 min
Three bright lights in triangle formation hovered ststionary above trees over empty house in complete silence, then slowly moved on.

On January 28th, 2004 my wife and I were driving west on Delaware Turnpike, a main road crossing Albany county from east to west and ending in adjacent Schoharie county, where we live. We were on our way home from an evening church meeting in Delmar, NY, a western and well to do suburb of the state capital, Albany. It was about 8:45 PM when we left the church. Once you pass the high school on the outskirts of Delmar, the drive home quickly becomes rural in nature with only five small villages and a few clusterings of homes encountered for the next 30 miles. Our area had received 5" of snow that morning with flurries still coming down out of a completely overcast sky. Traffic was unusually sparse because of poor road conditions: slick road surface, drifting snow, etc. It was dark and it was cold, about 10º F. We were between Unionville and Clarksville, the first and second of the hamlets along our way, when we noticed two bright lights in the sky ahead and just a little to the right of us. I first assumed I was watching the approach of a commercial plane that had just penetrated the cloud layer and whose lights were at each wingtip. But the lights, very white, were also very bright I thought, and steady, they did not blink. It really gave me the impression of a car approaching with its high beams on. We continued to drive a minute or two more and I began to see a third light beneath and between the others. This light was noticeably dimmer than the others and I could just make out the reflected upward curving underside of whatever it was. But it obviously wasn't a commercial airplane if I could see the underbelly. It was at this point I started working furiously to come up with a rational explanation for what I was seeing. My next thought was that it must be a small civilian aircraft. But what were they doing up in weather like this? Lost? Scared? Not confident enough to trust their instrumentation and dropped below cloud cover to feel their way home? At this point al! so I sta rted wondering when this airplane was going to pass us. It never did. New thought, it must be a helicopter. All three lights now appeared to be the same bright intensity and from my perspective formed a triangle pattern. I had to pay attention to my driving as well as watch the object and was desperately trying to judge scale and distance but in the near total darkness the effort was futile. I could not get a handle on it. All I could see were three white lights without the ability to tell how big the object might be or how far away.

And then things got interesting. As I continued to drive the object appeared to move till it was directly off my left shoulder. My mind was reeling with the effort to rationally identify this thing so I stopped the car in the middle of the road. The object wasn't moving. It hung perfectly stationary above the tree line and over a house whose occupants were either away or asleep. I hadn't been able to see any structure to the object for a few minutes now, and I made one last stab at rational explanation. I assumed the home owners must have had a ham radio tower in their backyard and had put up some Christmas lights that hadn't come down yet. I also concluded that these lights had never moved at all; that our forward motion on the highway had only caused it to appear as if something was approaching us. I told my wife this, but she said excitedly "roll the window down!", which I did. Our radio was not on in the car and there was no sound from outside the vehicle. I began to feel comfortable with my last diagnosis. Then she exclaimed, "I'm getting out" and she abruptly and precipitously exited the vehicle. I felt concerned for her on a road with traffic that travels 50 mph but no one was coming behind or before, so I made a left hand turn into the dark driveway of the house with the Christmas lights. I pulled ahead till I could clearly see the lights and just sat and watched for a moment or two. I must admit, I was totally unnerved when all of a sudden the triangle of white lights suddenly drifted off to the east. Every normal explanation I could think of vanished in an instant. My first impressions were solidly confirmed; there was something different, unusual, odd, about this whole experience right from the get go. The object/lights meandered unhurriedly away, my wife got back in the car, and we continued our drive home. (Let me add that the area this took place is at least 30 miles from any airport and we have no military installations. Furthermore we have been making this trip twice a! week fo r 13 years and have never seen any commercial aircraft, helicopters, dirigibles or piper cubs low in the sky over Clarksville or anywhere else along our route, ever. Albany airport is approached from the south and north along the Hudson river many miles away.)

At no time had I entertained any sense of danger, but rather adventure. My only regret about this episode is that I didn't try to follow the object. In hindsight that was foolish, but my wife and I were still a little scrambled inside, still trying to make sense of what we had seen. I had long thought that interest in the subject of UFO's had pretty well died out after it's popularity in the 1970's. Close Encounters of the Third Kind was one of the best movies ever made for the genre, but that's where UFO's were supposed to be found and should only be found, the movies. And maybe California. UFO's and earthquakes are both found in abundance in California, so I understand, we certainly don't have them in New York. Two days after the incident I felt very strange about contacting your site after doing a search for "ufo sightings" on the internet, but there is such a desire to tell someone. I was amazed at the sheer volume of sightings your website records, and interested at how many of the anecdotal notes have similarities to ours.

My wife and I are both 50 years of age and at the end of a long, happy process raising two good boys and seeing them graduate from college. I work as a Supervisor of buildings and grounds for the Schenectady ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens). My wife is a talented Special Ed elementary school teacher in the village of Schoharie where we live. Her parents are both teachers as well, her father having taught at the University level for many years. I don't wear glasses (except for reading), my wife does. Neither of us are on any medications. We do not drink or do drugs, we do not read UFO literature and we do not dream of flying saucers.

My wife will write her own account of what transpired independently of mine, and I will not show her what I've written above until she does. However, I need to end this by stating that a wife's desires are not always to be heeded, and that it's not always a good idea to pay too much attention to what a woman wants. On the way to church that night the country roads were in such a snowbound condition she asked if we could take the Thruway home instead, a particularly unusual request for her. Like most good husbands I would have been happy enough to oblige, it didn't matter to me either way really. But after church I began our trip home the usual route, and nothing more was said. Would you all agree, she owes me?

((NUFORC Note: We spoke at length with this witness, and he impressed us with his objectivity and sober-minded demeanor. We suspect the event occurred as described above. We are awaiting illustrations from the two witnesses. PD))