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Sighting Report
Occurred : 1/30/2004 18:47 (Entered as : 01/30/1904 18:47)
Reported: 1/30/2004 7:53:09 PM 19:53
Posted: 1/31/2004
Location: Chehalis, WA
Shape: Light
Duration:13 minutes
Bright light above fields to east of Interstate 5, which did not move while watched for 13 minutes.

Observers were myself, husband and our 11yr old twins. While heading to the on ramp to I-5 south at the Chamber Way ramp at 18:47 I noticed a bright light in the sky just to the east of the freeway. It was high enough up in the sky to later be obliterated from sight by some low rain clouds. It was just getting dark outside. I asked my daughter [in the back seat directly behind me] to look at the light. She did and we talked about what it could be because we often see planes flying high on their way to SeaTac. This was different because the entire time we watched it [13 minutes] we never saw one of the usual blinking red or blue lights. The light did not move hardly at all. It never seemed to get closer, nor further away. At one point the light was visible to my husband [driving], and our son sitting directly behind him. We all were stumped as to what it could be. The light was much brighter than any light I have ever seen in the sky, with the exception of a helicopter spotlighting the ground. This did not appear to be directing light anywhere. We all agreed the light was a different kind of light. A 'glittery' king of light. When compared to the moon it was like comparing regular car headlights to the new bright halogens. Seeing as it was east of I-5 my daughter and I both watched it until it was blotted out by dark rain clouds. We all watched it for a moment at a traffic light before entering the freeway and it was not moving. My husband believes it was quite high. I think it was much lower as it was about a minimum of 5X larger than the lights we commonly see on commercial planes. There is a small plane airport east of the freeway, but this light was not moving. It appeared to me to be about 6-8 miles east of the freeway and much lower altitude than commercial planes fly at. I never took my eyes off it while on the freeway, hoping to see a familar blinking light to explain it away, but I have no idea what it was, or where it went. The light didn't 'twinkle' like sta! rs do.

It was a constant light, bright enough to keep me from making out any shape behind it. It was covered by clouds at 19:00.


correction to prior report

I already filed a report on this sighting. I think I mistakenly told you it was on the east side of the freeway. It was over the west side. Sorry for the confusion.