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Occurred : 1/22/2004 17:30 (Entered as : 01/22/2004 17:30)
Reported: 1/27/2004 10:27:14 AM 10:27
Posted: 1/31/2004
Location: Downers Grove, IL
Shape: Light
Duration:30 seconds
Object decellerated, stopped, hovered, and then accellerated upward at fantastic rate of speed.

On Thursday, 22 January 2004 at 1730 CST, (Clear skies, no clouds) as I stood on my deck at home, I observed a glowing white light, moving ENE at approximately 15,000 feet altitude. The size of the light was estimated as the size of a pencil eraser held at arms length. The light was similar to those I have seen in the past- We live underneath a major air corridor directly south of O'Hare and directly west of Midway airports in suburban Chicago. Southbound aircraft departing O'Hare were operating in the area at 5000-7500 feet, and westbound aircraft departing Midway were also in the area, flying over the O'Hare traffic. The object was above both flight paths of the jets. At the time of this incident, the object flew high over an MD-80 aircraft departing O'Hare. The object had no red and green running lights, or white anti collision strobes, or landing lights normally seen on aircraft in this area. It entered my vision from above and decellerated and stopped moving, about two miles downrange of my position. Then, the object blinked out, and after a second, rapidly reappeared as a star-like object and accellerated upward at an angle similar, and resembling a curve ball thrown by a baseball pitcher, only upwards.

I have seen this type of object in the Chicago area, several times in the past two years. It decellerates, hovers and accellerates at an angle with amazing speed. It was ABSOLUTELY NOT an aircraft, as I am quite familiar with aircraft, having worked as an airline executive.