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Occurred : 9/11/2001 00:00 (Entered as : 09/11/2001 0:00)
Reported: 1/20/2004 12:06:47 PM 12:06
Posted: 1/22/2004
Location: Philadelphia (suburb), PA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:about 1minute
UFO SIGHTING ON 9 / 11 / 01 ---the night of the World Trade Center bombing.

The reason i'm entering this report is, because i'm trying to see if anyone else out there in the same area as me, saw this occurance. It was 9/11 the date of the world trade center bombing...i was hanging out with 2 of my friends talking about the incident that happen during the day..., we were outside my house in the front lawn having a cigarette to close out the night before going to bed....when my one friend pointed out the fact that this is one of the only nights you'll ever see the stars with no planes flying around, cause all air-ways were banned due to the new york bombing..., so were all looking up at the stars like wow......when i notice a brighter than normal star....i thought it was the north star, but then my friend pointed out otherwise, showing me the real north there we were watching this brighter than normal star twinkle, but it started to flashed a couple of times, and pulsed and then started to zig zag around in the sky...and there was no sound whatsoever..(no engine noise, or anything) would zig zag at extreme angles and then stop.....and then zig zag some more.....and at this time....i noticed 3 different colored lights around it...blues and reds, .couldn't tell if the lights were in a triangle position or circuler....but they where definitly spinning around the center "brighter star" that was flashing and pulsing....we were watching it zig zag around, when all of a sudden in a split second, it beemed across the oposite side of the sky. We almost thought that it disspeared but then saw it flashing at the other end of the sky...By now, we were extremely excited and in shock.....It pulsed a little more, then slowly disapeared like it was fading backwards....then it was gone. About 5 seconds after that 2 fighter jets came roaring from the far side of the sky (it was loud and thunderous) and they circled the area twice before flying away....

and this was all on the night where there was supposed to be NO airplanes in the sky at all..and no aircraft me and my 2 friends were completely amazed...

then next day we told everyone..and of course no one believed i write here today to see if any other people in the southern philadelphia suburb area saw this or witnessed it too...i am completely serious about my report....or i wouldn't have taken the time to write this...cause i am an extremely busy person..., and it took me until now, to finally surf the net to try to find out if others had seen the same thing that night on 9/11/01