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Occurred : 1/18/2004 22:00 (Entered as : 01/18/2004 22:00)
Reported: 1/19/2004 1:25:16 PM 13:25
Posted: 1/22/2004
Location: Langley, WA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:4 hrs. 15 min.
Saw a circular bright spot on the ground with heavy swirling vapors and two mysterious lights above.

I live on a golf course. I was looking down the fairway at 22:00 where it is always pitch blackness and saw a flamming bright spot on the ground with two lights on the left, low in the sky. The lights and bright spot looked to be about 300 yards away. I thought there was a fire on the fairway. With the binoculars I saw a circle of bright light with heavy white vapors swirling within it and evaporating upward. There were two bright lights light was pulsing brighter and seemed to be a spotlight on the circle. No noise. As time passed, the two lights moved slowly backwards...always low to the ground.. away from the fairway.. and the circular light with the vapors moved at the same rate...keeping the same distance apart. I watched until 02:15. Then, the bright lights were still low in the sky and were specks of light, and the circular bright spot was now above the ground, smaller too.