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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/1/1979 19:30 (Entered as : 09/01/1979 19:30 PM)
Reported: 1/12/2004 2:59:16 PM 14:59
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: New York City (Brooklyn), NY
Shape: Disk
Duration:1 minute
Major UFO seen over Brooklyn New York "It was silent and very much visable"...

In 1979 or 1980 our Dad called me and my sister to run and witness this bronzey gold color saucer shaped craft. It had yellowish looking windows around the center and it was a lighted craft. It was heading from Manhattan towards Bay Parkway or Coney Island. I was on my fifth floor balcony. It was silent and very much visable. The night was clear. I think it was Aug. or Sept. because it was a little nippy outside but not time enough to stay off the balcony yet due to the comming Winter. The craft was spotted about 1 to 2 min. it was lost behind some buildings. I lived on Ocean Parkway.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))