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Occurred : 1/5/2004 17:10 (Entered as : 01/05/2004 17:10)
Reported: 1/5/2004 11:05:50 PM 23:05
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Woodinville, WA
Shape: Triangle
Duration:6 minutes
Triangle with flashing white lights, red corners and red center light hovering over Woodinville, WA.

I was watching a dvd on my computer, in my first floor apartment. My computer room has a large window through which I first saw the object.

At 17:10 I was distracted by flashing lights outside. It was already dark, pretty much full-on night. I glanced through the window to my right and saw what I first thought was a hellicoper making a slow progress above the trees. The object was unusual though, because it was arrayed with a row or two of flashing white lights that were remniscent of emergency lights -- the kind that police vehicals use. The difference being that these were white, and seemed to be all over the "helicoptor". There was no spotlight and the object made no sound.

The object had come from the northwest and was moving south.

It slowed to a stop and started going in reverse, northward. That was when I pointed it out to my girlfriend who was sitting to my right. It then tilted one of its points towards us and started a lazy circle, revealing a triangular shape. At two apexes were were alternating red lights, with the flashing white lights on the bottom. In the center of the tirangle was one slowly flashing larger red light. I could not discern a light at the third corner, but sometimes thought I saw a bright white light flashing there as well. It seemed that the pattern of flashing lights changed as the craft moved in different ways. The lights often changed between white and red.

at 17:11 the craft had completed its circle and was hovering over an area about four blocks away to the southwest of my location It was about the size of a silver dollar at arms length and seemed to be hovering, I would estimate at between 200-400 feet up. It then performed a funny little twist. While hovering, it rotated so that it now hovered on what I would have called it's tail. My girlfriend and I agreed that this did not look like any kind of helicoptor we had heard of. She said it could have been some form of super-light airplane. I dont know how it would maintain any lift while hold still though. We both agreed that it seemed to be stationary. It began hovering to the north and rotated so that the "front" point was now level and facing north. It then picked up a lot of speed and flew out of sight. It seemed to accellerate very fast and was out of sight within 4 seconds.

at 17:13 I picked up my camera and went outside hoping for it to reappear. It almost immediately came back into view, flying this time from the west. I listened carefully for any sound. I could hear the faint sound of a proppeller plane, but it seemed very distant and faint. The object went to and hovered over the same area as before and began moving back and forth. After a minute of this, it began to move slowly back to the north. My camera's bateries were too low, so I could not get a pciture of it.

Some neighbors were walking up the path from the parking lot and looked at what I was trying to photograph. It was a man a woman and a small boy (named Andy). The man immediately commented that it looked like a UFO to him. (But he said UMB because his english isn't that great.) I asked if he meant UFO, and he said yes. I told him it was probably jsut a weird plane, and they went inside. I didn't want to look like a crazy person taking pictures of ufo's.

Soon it picked up speed at an alarming rate and was gone again within seconds. I could still hear the distant propeller plane sound, which seemed to be coming from the south. I went inside to look for camera bateries. I went back out to watched the sky for a while and it did not return, so I went back inside. I could not keep myself from glancing out the window every few seconds hoping to see it again.

Then at 20:09 I saw a triangular arrangement of yellowish-white lights, much farther away, moving in from the north to the south. I was about to go outside to take a pciture, and the object disappeared before my eyes. About two hours later I decided that the most obvious explanation was that the object went into an unseen cloud. It is possible, but it truly just winked out instantly.

This could have been some type of silent helicopter festooned with about a dozen flashing lights and having really awesome manuverability.

I will email you a map of my area showing the path that the object seemed to be going in, with my location marked on it. I'll also send you some photos of my view, with overlaid drawings of what I saw (as soon as I can get my camera working).