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Occurred : 12/24/2003 13:00 (Entered as : 12/24/2003 13:00)
Reported: 1/4/2004 4:21:30 PM 16:21
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Airdrie (Canada), AB
Shape: Sphere
Duration:15 to 20 seconds
They all saw what looked like a large round ball or chrome colored marble.

A gentleman called me today, December 24, 2003 to report a sighting he had, along with two other witnesses who were in his company at the time. The witness (driver) who called is a ex military man (air defense). The first thing the witness asked, did HBCC UFO receive any reports from around 1:00 p.m. today. I told the fellow that I had not received any other than his call. He was sure that two other vehicles had observed the same object he and his passengers witnessed as the two vehicles in front of him braked the same time he did. He also mentioned that if he had of been by himself he may not have reported seeing this strange object over Airdrie. The two passengers who had an early Christmas at another home received a pair of binoculars as a gift, which I packed away with other gifts in a bag in the vehicle. The witnesses had just come out of their home and were driving down 8th Street heading south. Approximately two minutes the driver said to the passengers, what the heck it that? Approximately one kilometer away from their location they all saw what looked like a large round ball or chrome colored marble as he described it sitting stationary in the sky above a colored shack which is on the opposite side of Big Springs Road.

All of the witnesses were very excited, or in his words, freaking out as to what they were seeing. The driver told one of the passengers to grab his new binoculars so they might get a better look at this strange object.

After the binoculars were located in the bag filled with gifts they zoomed in on the object. The driver slowed the vehicle down so the ones holding the binoculars could get a better view of it. The sphere did not move, it sat hovering in the one location. From when they first noticed it, they said the whole event may have lasted for approximately 15 or 20 seconds before it disappeared. It "did not shoot off" in any direction. It just vanished !! (blinked out) The driver who said he had worked in air defense for many years and was very familiar with what is flying in our skies, said he has never seen anything like this in his life. Also the witnesses roughly estimated the object may have been hovering at an altitude of 500 to 1000 feet. The driver later on that day ended up driving back to the shack where the object was seen hovering above. He parked his vehicle and got out and had a good look around just in case he might have been able to see it again, or to see if there may have been any physical evidence left around this area. After a short while on location he told me that he felt rather uneasy and got back into his vehicle and left the area.

After they witnesses had watched this unusual object they picked up the Airdrie Echo newspaper and spotted a new articles on a few sightings which were recently reported to the newspaper. This is how the fellow found out about myself and knew he should make a report over what they saw.

Brian, Director of HBCC UFO Research would like to hear from anyone who may have witnessed this strange sighting.

I would like to thank the witnesses from their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research Canadian Toll Free UFO Hotline 1 866 262 1989 - Free call.

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