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Occurred : 1/3/2004 01:00 (Entered as : 01/03/2004 1:00)
Reported: 1/4/2004 8:53:37 AM 08:53
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Reno, NV
Shape: Other
Duration:6 hours
the sky looked to me, to be alive with fireants.

i often go outside to smoke ciggerettes.ispend a lot of time looking up. so if something is strange or odd i notice it,this morning while looking up i noticed a rather low bright star type object stationary over some apartments across the field from my place,noting that it was strange i decided to try to establish a reference point. about 10 min later i looked out to discover that it had moved to the right and raised up just a little,while this object now had my full attention.and all at once it seemed as if the sky had fireants there were star shaped objects moving all over, meanwhile the first star type light started to move up again and to the right stopping and stay idle from time to time.after about an hour of absolute amazement. more star types started appearing right of me towards the east, again after hovering for sometime two took off straight up leaning towards the left,while another one went right and up towards the sky[the objects seem to take there time sometimes stopping and then moving on.while watching the first star type another craft coming out of the north weststarted heading towards it. i thought it was a plane until it pulled some moves a plane from this planet just could not do.filled with excitement i called for my husband to see,but when he arrived about 3 seconds later it had disappeared,wow.i was hooked out of nowhere appeared what looked liked a meteor or something streaked through the sky from north west to the east it lasted about 2 seconds maybe,objects seemed to be still for a while and they seemed too reposition.about thirty after the first flash appeared a half dome type object it was very bright white, it seemed to have a stream of whatever behind disappeared into the east, ive never seen anything like it before ever.oh im not done yet, while standing there in my utter amazement; there was a very bright, large flash again to the east this didnt move,it appeared and disappeared in the same spot.. it made me think that there could be a battle going o! n over our skies. finally about an hour before dawn there was what seemed to me another gathering only this time they appeared out of nowhere and settled in the eastern sky only this time they wore not so shy about moving around, while heading up they almost never went in a straight line,rather moving around quite a bit.just as dawn broke the majority had moved towards heavens.the first two star types were still very bright and identifable as they continued there upward journey.

one finally disappeared towards the north, but only after i watched it litterally disappear before my eyes. While i was checking out the last one's ascention there was another burst through the sky this time travelling from the south east and vanishing towards the north. there was quite abit of light at this point, which made it rather about 7:30 am the last one slowly faded from view.