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Sighting Report
Occurred : 12/31/2003 23:40 (Entered as : 12/31/1903 23:40)
Reported: 12/31/2003 11:55:25 PM 23:55
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Albany, OR
Shape: Formation
Duration:5 minutes
Albany, OR Lights in the sky.

The craft(s) flew from south to north, on a fairly straight path. The path was slightly erratic, the light was unsteady and wobbled from side to side. There was a cloud deck, and the light stayed under the clouds the whole time. The craft(s) flew directly overhead, making no noise. As it passed overhead, we could see that the light was coming from approx. 7 individual lights. The craft(s) continued overhead, and on the south/north path. This path continued until the craft(s) were lost to sight. The light was orange/yellow in color, and seemed to shift hue, but only very slightly.

One witness, a college graduate, says that it reminded her of "a box with lights on it , with the light coming from within" A second witness, 26, says that it looked like "one object with lights in a pattern. Equally bright... The same color orange." The third witness, 25, was the first to spot the object, seeing a bright orange light, at first thinking it was landing lights from an airplane coming in to land at the nearby airport. The lights were the wrong shade, however, and that is what grabbed his attention.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke at length via telephone with this witness, and we found him to be quite sincere and credible. PD))