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Occurred : 10/24/1998 07:00 (Entered as : 10/24/1998 7:00)
Reported: 12/30/2003 5:56:35 AM 05:56
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Kunming (China),
Shape: Circle
Duration:20 minutes
4 times of holving UFO I saw

Editor: This letter is come from a honesty girl who would be glade to promise that every thing she tell is truth! Before I start my stories, I have to let you know that I haven’t any even a bit of interest in astronomy when I was still a pupil, but before I recognized what I have seen, I began to pay attention to the dark sky for nearly 10 years. During these years, the curiousness to the universe was energy supporting my work. Well, you may have been out of patient. And I’ll start my own stories about UFO . And there are graphs to illustrate what I say, if you are interested in them, please send Email to me and I'll send them to you. ((e-address deleted))) 1.When I was a child, about 8 years old (around 1988). It happened in an summer evening when my parents and me were outdoor for cool wind. I noticed that there was a "argent balloon" standing still in the high sky just above our boarding house. It was in the round shape and its side which toward the sun was argent. My parents and some neighbors noticed too. Then, we asked the man living in the top floor to have a look at what to the earth it was, but the man said that it was too high to see clearly.

When it was dark, the "balloon" still standing here but changed into a very bright star-the brightest star in the sky that day.

2.A unclouded morning in the winter when I was a pupil (around 1990). I got up as usual and when to the bath room to wash my face, then I detected through the windows there was a bright star in the sky. Contrasted against a tree outside the window and between the star and me, it was about waist of the tree. Because, in my memory, I haven’t seen such bright star before, so I kept my eyes on it. About 15 minutes later (The sun shine was just available that moment), it has been moved up to the top of the tree. And in the next minute, all for a sudden, the bright light disappeared and there was a ball (at least I think it like a ball, because of the distance) floating in the sky (a little big than I saw in story 1, maybe it because of the different distance). And in the second minutes, there were something like glinting lights looked like the lights beneath airplane began glinting on the bottom of the ball. At first, one white light, than, one blue light, and two white lights, two blue lights. More and more lights glinted alternate, meanwhile, the ball began to movie faster and faster toward the East-directed to the Sun. Until it was out of my sight, there were approximate 3 seconds, then the ball reached a astonishing speed that was much more faster than any plane I have ever seen before.

3.Years later(I’m a student in junior high school ), one morning I got up at 6:00 and sat down on my desk to prepare for my final examination. A familiar scene-the brightest star standing around the moon. For it I haven been prepared a pair of telescope, but I can’t see anything else but a bright ball. But I took notice of the distance of the star and the moon: fortunately, there was a smaller star beside the moon, and through the telescope the moon and the smaller star just like a background picture of the bright star-caused by distance. Obviously, the bright one was in the atmosphere. I kept observing it for about 5 minutes, during the time, it was quiescent. But 2 minutes later when I return to the window, it has been disappeared. I realized something and look toward the East-the Sun just rose up.

4.Maybe the UFO will visit me in every certain years. I met it again when I was a senior high school student. Morning, after I got my school, I found every one in the school was looking in the sky. Then I discovered there was a huge "earthen plate" floating in the sky! I can’t believe what I saw! It looked like a plate and there was a small circle on the central of the plate. Slowly, I move toward the shining Sun in the East, and in the end was covered by the Sun light. It was reported in the newspaper and some astronomer explain that it was formed by the ash from collision of two minor planets in the atmosphere.

I’m 21 and is an academician now. These usual experiences gave me spiritual energy to study science. And now, I want to share my stories with you.

((name deleted)) 2003.12.30 (wee hours) 2:20

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))