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Occurred : 6/26/1995 16:00 (Entered as : 06/26/1995 16:00)
Reported: 12/21/2003 4:10:02 PM 16:10
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Surrey (Canada), BC
Shape: Changing
Duration:1/2 hour
Morphing? Interdimensional Craft - Daylight Sighting

While a friend and I were sitting on the bank of the Fraser River at Surrey, BC, he looked up and remarked on what he thought, initially, were large seagulls overhead. They were instead very large craft with globular bellies that reflected sun light -- like a very white/bright metal.

There were six to eight of them flying overhead which I estimate to be about a mile above us. The wings were "flapping" but not like seagulls which flap in unison. When I remarked about this to my friend, then they changed to flap in unison. We had seagulls flying in front of us over the river, so it was easy to compare. These craft at times flew in a loose formation, then aimlessly. The strangest parts were I had the impression that our thoughts were being picked from overhead.

And they disappeared and REappeared -- against blue sky. These were solid craft, sharply seen -- but they seemed to disappear and they reappear against blue sky -- as if they were going in and out of another dimension. We watched them until we got bored -- went into the fish shop for the fish boat had come in and then left.

I reported this incident to the Canadian UFO reporting center at Vancouver, B.C. and the then president who called me back told me had a similar sighting, also over the Fraser River some weeks before -- but only one craft -- and no where near as many as we had seen.

This was a day time sighting, and one we watched long enough to be clear as to what we saw.