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Occurred : 12/20/2003 17:53 (Entered as : 12/20/2003 17:53)
Reported: 12/20/2003 10:43:24 PM 22:43
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Chelsea (Pontiac) (Canada), QC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:about 2 minutes
Sighting in Chelsea, triangular craft with very bright light in middle and smaller lights, no sound, very fast.

Ok, how to start... It was 17:50, and it was in Chelsea, a small town of the Pontiac region, right beside the Ottawa region, on the other side of the Outaouais River, in Québec. The precise location was above the clean separation of the "Basses-Terres du Saint-Laurent" and the "Bouclier Canadien" (I apologize, I don't know the english version of these geographical regions). I was on my way to work, it was my mother who was driving, when we noticed what we thought was an extremely bright star. We kept on discussing as we watched the star dissapate slowly and by then, we could clearly see three a triangular form. The best way to describe it would be, if you take a perfect triangle, and draw three lines from every corner of the triangle to the center, those three lines would define the shape of the object seen in the dark skies. When it shone brightly, we could see nothing out of the ordinary, it really looked like a simple bright star. But then, once the light had faded, not only could we clearly see the form, but we can notice a total of about 6 lights that stayed on the shape. One at every corner, and one in the middle of all three lines. I remember, we rolled down the window, and we could hear no sound emanating from the craft. Knowing that there are mountains near, we only had about 2 minutes to gaze at it until it flew out of sight, past the mountains. We were all amazed at that time, but then, when my mother and I came back from work, I was looking at the stars again, hoping to see my UFO once more, and then, one of the bright stars faded again, and the form could clearly be seen once again. I was simply amazed. This time though, the craft was flying in the opposite direction and was heading, well, seemed to be heading for Hull, a town next to Ottawa, on the other side of the River. I was flying lower than before and much faster, it was about 23:33. The 6 lights were also less visible and once the brightness had faded, it was very difficul to follow its trajectory. Our hypothesis wa! s that it was (and I must specify that this was my mother's idea) that maybe it was a plane that forgot to take off its "brights" as it took off. But after a short debate, and my explanation that planes do not have "brights" in front, like a car, she changed her opinion to mine, that is that it was a UFO. But I still think it could've been a space shuttle. The line that was vertical could be the vertical wing on a space shuttle and the two other lines could be the wings, with the lights as any flying craft would have. And the brightness could've came from the gigantic reservoirs of fuel that ignite and propulse the shuttle up into the atmosphere. The only thing wrong with this is that there are no space shuttle launching pad around, and not for miles and miles around. Also, the chance of seeing the same shape twice, and so low in the air would make out to be quite a waste of time and a very weird space shuttle trajectory. Might I also add that very few planes ever do fly above this town, and one last detail: the craft was not moving vertically nor was it very high in the sky, nor was it loud. Silent. Silent, and moving horizontally and extremely fast. I can only come to the exhaustive conclusion that it was and remains a UFO, that is and Unidentified Flying Object. Might I also add that it would not be the first time that there are sightings in this town. Personally, this is my second sighting here, and I know other people that have seen just as much.