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Sighting Report
Occurred : 6/27/1967 23:00 (Entered as : 06/27/1967 11:00)
Reported: 12/20/2003 10:15:41 PM 22:15
Posted: 1/17/2004
Location: Glendale, AZ
Shape: Light
Duration:10 minutes
Glendale, AZ, 11:00 Pm, white sphere silently appeared in sky, It moved to 12 " in front of my face, flew off.

This event occurred many years ago. The memory of it is definatel permanent.

After returning to my home on Flyn Lane, Glendale, Arizona after an evening of bowling, I stood outside on my poarch with my children's babysitter, who lived accross the street. She was approximately 16 years old at the time. The lights in the house were very dim, as the children were sleeping, so it was quite dark out with the exception of a street light on the busy Bethany Home Road which was one block north, or directly behind (North)of my baby sitters house. We saw a white light that appeared to come from or accross Bethany Home Road, it moved silently accross the distance from Bethany Home Road towards us. At first you think you're imagining things, but my neighbor (babysitter) was seeing it also. It came right up to our faces, with a motion forwards and backwards as if examining us, it felt as tho it were alive or intelligent, then it retreated out, and over my street, Flynn Lane, changed directions and moved east over my street. My VW was still parked on the driveway, so we quickly jumped in and roared down the street after it, and of course it was disappearing out of sight by the time we got moving on the road.

The object's size was maybe the size of a large grapefruit, it was impossible to tell what shape it took other than it appeared to be round and just that....light.

I have never seen anything like it before or after that event.

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))