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Sighting Report
Occurred : 9/6/1996 21:00 (Entered as : 09/06/1996 21:00)
Reported: 12/18/2003 2:35:36 PM 14:35
Posted: 12/19/2003
Location: Englewood Cliffs, NJ
Shape: Chevron
Duration:10 minutes
On August 6th of 1996, while driving North on Route 9-W from Fort Lee, NJ to Englewood Cliffs NJ, I observed (what appeared to be) a large jumbo jet at a very low altitude. Having lived in this area all of my life, I know that air traffic into Newark, Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports are some times deverted in a "hold" pattern and then cleared for approach I believe this is called the "Alpine Apporach" but could be wrong...I am not an aviator. This night, I thought this plane / jet was going to crash.

Let me start with my condition. I am not, nor have I ever used drugs, drink or take medications....and I am not psychotic or delusional and do not seek money, fame or lie. I have no reason to write this other than to get this off my chest, after all these years.

Now that we have that straight.... It was a clear night (no rain), but there was a "ceiling" of clouds above. The lights from New York City / Yonkers and the Bronx (On the other side of the Hudson River) cast a "pinkish tint" of color on to the clouds above.

The object I saw, was a "Chevron shape". It had one big light in the center and several lights on both (what appeared to be) wings running all the way to it's tips. I observed this while driving at about 40/45 miles an hour north. It's direction (from what I noticed) was coming in from the north headed south west. I noticed this because it appeared to be headed at the water tower in the back of what was then the Thomas J. Lipton Company, Scholastic Magazine Company, Lever Brothers and Volkswagon of America buildings. All have now departed and the new CNN World Head Quarters exists at approximately the spot from which I first spotted the craft.

As It drew nearer to Clinton Avenue (this road runs east and west) and Route 9W, I pulled my car over and got out to observe this object.

To my amazement the ship slowly appeared over the tree line with absolutley NO NOISE.

Since this area of New Jersey sits on the Palisades Cliffs, my only guess as to how hight it was, was about 300 to 500 feet above route 9-W not above the Hudson River.

Traffic was very light and few cars were headed north at that interval but several cars drove south. They probably couldn't see this craft or object because as you drive south on 9-W the trees will obstruct any view of an object coming in this direction. The Palisade Interstate Parkway also runs adjacent to 9w with lanes going in a north south direction but I did not take note of this road or how many cars were on it.

As this massive, I'll call it, "Mothership" passed...everything seemed extrodinarily quiet. I made sure to pinch and smell myself just to make sure I was not dreaming.

This thing had to be the size of "Giant Stadium" was incredible. Thats the only way I can describe its mass.

It passed over 9-W....I got home found my binoculars and went back to Clinton Avenue. It had passed. I drove back down Route 9W towards the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, New Jersey which crosses the Hudson River and brings you on to the Crss Bronx Expresway, Routes I-95, or Manhattan roads such as the Henry Hudson Parkway or the West Side Highway or Harlem River Drive......hoping to see this object.

It had flown away quietly!!! Why people crossing the George Washington Bridge from NY did not see this, I can not explain.

I went to several Police stations...Englweeod Cliffs, Fort, Lee and Alpine....I was told there had been many calls from local residents during this time I wasn't going nuts.

Years later, while skimming through a famous "alien" book, it was confirmed in the back by the authors friend, that on that same night, he saw the same object pass over the Long Island Express Way in New York, head in the same direction and coming from the same coordinates that I have just described.

It was a great relief to know I had seen, "something" that was not a plane, jet or conventional craft. It could have been a blimp of some sort....but the size was just too outstanding (similar to the "Arizona - "Phenoix lights") to be a blimp.

Here's my question....if it was military, why would they fly it over a very populated area with the possibility of it malfunctioning, crashing or going down? But I will tell you it was the color of a dark "battleship-grey" or possibly a charcoal grey and it blended perfectly into the night had it not had the lights on. It also appeared to have srtucture to it's underside / belly.... something similar to "girders". As it pass over it was a diamond shape from underneath.

NO SOUND, The size of several Jumbo Jets ...I can't tell you what it was but it was nothing like I had ever seen.

Thank you