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Sighting Report
Occurred : 8/1/1964 19:30 (Entered as : 08/01/1964 19:30)
Reported: 12/18/2003 8:43:17 AM 08:43
Posted: 12/19/2003
Location: Samuel-/Bardstown, KY
Shape: Fireball
Duration:15 minutes
Fireball slowly decended to fence row and rolled on the ground slowly then back into the air

We were in an open field on our farm in rural kentucky, we had been for the last several hours shooting my neighbors bow at sterafoam targets, it was to dark to shoot anymore and were about to walk back to our houses, when we saw a ball of fire about 25 feet in size come from over an ajoining farm house to the rear of my farm along the fence line boundry. it came fairly slow to the fence line. we walked to the gate beside the barn and watched it as it rolled down the fence line causing it to glow. The fence was mostly cedar posts but there were 2 trees, cedar, about 30-40 feet high in the fence row also, the trees glowed as it rolled through them. I was about 10 at the time my nieghbor was 16, the ball of what we thought to be ball lightning moved completely and slowly to the end of the fence line and went back up in the air 20-30 feet and disappeared. I remember fear and awe and wanted to go look at the fence but we didn't at that time. The next day I was going to go back there and see if the trees blew up when it hit them but when I opened the gate to the feild I noticed something very strange, we had a few white ducks and one was sitting on the ground as though sound asleep, no head or neck, no blood, no scattered feathers, it only had a slight concave portion were the neck would have conected to the body, again no blood. It wasn't even red or meat colored, it was grayish. I went on to the fence line 300 yards away and all was the same as normal, trees fine, no marks or burns. Maybe I'm wrong but wouldn't lightning have singed the bark, or leaves or weeds along the fence row? Later that morning, within an hour of that anyway, I had my first nosebleed, the only one I have ever had in 49 years. There is also 1 more detail I am very hesitant to put in here, actually 2, 1 I will tell you the other will remain a secret because it is way, way too weird to tell. The morning I got up to go check the fence line, the day of the nosebleed, that morning when I awoke to go downstairs my brother started telling my grandmother about a dream he had, I stopped in in the middle of the dream and finished it, I had the same exact dream. No I can't say it was about aliens, I don't remember what it was about, but it was exactly the same dream. The fire ball was exactly as it sounds, fire ( Orange,red, and yellow) ball, close to the size of the largest tree in the fence row, thats how I ascertained or guessed the size. Please feel free to ask me any questions or for the name of the witness. The fire ball by the way made no noise, and left a glowing trail as it rolled down the fenceline that lasted a few breif seconds.