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Occurred : 12/15/2003 10:05 (Entered as : 12/15/2003 10:05)
Reported: 12/15/2003 8:11:34 PM 20:11
Posted: 12/19/2003
Location: San Francisco Bay, CA
Shape: Unknown
Duration:5 minute
star lights that move super fast and stop , zig zag behind cloud ( still can't figure out what it was)

it was 10:00am i was getting out my car on a cystle clear day at oakland hills. I happen to notice a daytime half moon, next to the moon i happen to spot 3 star very close to the moon, i though it was mar and venus or jupiter or saturn. as i keep looking at the star i notice they were moving alway from each other seem strange, so i kept my vision on it and saw the light(look like star at night time) moving alway from each other, while 3 more try flying close to the two. I thought they were bird or ballon, but they were too high up the sky to be bird or ballon i could see a glow around the object they move real fast and slow down to a halt. i still couldn't figure out what it is, when they move behind the cloud i can't see them, i know it up there then one of the object took a 90 degree turn and flew so fast that modern plane cannot do this kind of thing. the way it flew in the sky is unbelieviable. NASA or any country that have flying capablity cannot do what i saw.