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Occurred : 12/7/2003 17:00 (Entered as : 12/07/2003 17:00)
Reported: 12/10/2003 8:17:20 AM 08:17
Posted: 12/19/2003
Location: Papendrecht (Netherlands),
Shape: Light
Duration:1 sec.
I was sitting on my couch watching the sky I live on the 4th floor of an appartment building, Sun was going under and sky was exelen clear... (no clouds) Than al off a sudden i saw a light going up.....

I thought 'thats is strange, did i saw that right? Than today (wensday 10. I was listening to the radio, and i heard that some poeple had sightings. That message got my interest, cause i saw something to.

Than i heared where the sightings were reported.....

There was a report in the city DORDRECHT (netherlands). That is the sky i see from my appartment.......................

I needed to do somnething whit this........

While i write this, i feel verry strange, sleepy, and emotional and a cold back,as we call it in holland, chicken-skin , I hope you got something about this .........

This is my first report of a ufo