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Occurred : 11/11/2003 19:00 (Entered as : 11/11/2003 19:00)
Reported: 11/11/2003 7:09:03 PM 19:09
Posted: 11/26/2003
Location: Grayslake, IL
Shape: Diamond
Duration:1 minute
Dimond shaped craft with pulsating multicolor lights -- very fast -- not a plane.

While we were driving home, we all saw very strange pulsating lights in the sky. I pulled over and all three of us got out of the Volvo to stare at this thing.

The lights flashed and pulsated in patterns very similar to "A Close Encounter of the Third Kind" large mother craft. The craft shot up vertically, dropped vertically (very fast), hovered and then moved slowly away from us and then shot off faster than any plane we've ever seen. Having pilots as friends, I'm quite familiar with lights on a normal plane...these lights weren't normal and we could see the dim outline of a diamond shaped craft.