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Occurred : 6/26/1968 13:00 (Entered as : 6/26/68 13:00)
Reported: 9/4/2003 12:10:50 PM 12:10
Posted: 9/4/2003
Location: Wyoming, MN
Shape: Disk
I sent this in the other day tothe national reporting site as well....My brothers and I and other friends have saw ufo's in the area over the years. What started it for me was in 1967 or 68 in june I saw a large disc tree top high at about 15 mph .It was about 250ft around.and I could see the writing of some kind on the craft .I was in my dads yard and the ufo flew just over the trees across the road -my dad was under his car and dident come uot to see it when I yelled look.So I went to see if anyone nextstore saw it.Thay had there backs to it hanging cloyhs on the line... "However they saw me" about 9/2/03 I saw on the history channel that the cattel mutalations started in about 1967.And they say that it is lasers that make those clean cuts. And back then there was no laser or portable ones.

1967 in late june I was 8 year old-- this was after I saw the ufo--I was playing alone in the woods just behind the house for a while. Then I came to the front of the yard to see we had company--My dads sister and boys my age --they went to the treehouse--so I to went to find them --I went up the tree into the the treehouse --5 minits or so later I noticed my right leg felt funny --So I went back down to the house to my bedroom and pulled down my long leg bluejeans --with no cut in them--or no blood on them --I looked at my leg and I had a 6 inch long cut a inch and a half deep--still not bleeding--and no pain --I went to show my mom to take me to the doctor and have it sticked up--She said what happend --and I said I don't no-- But it is a laser cut made by that ufo I saw.

1968 in june agin--I was with one of my 3 brothers picking blackbarrys with the family dog. This time we where accross the road from my dads house direcly under the path of the ufo I saw the year befor. I said to my brother --I found more barrys over here so we went deeper into the woods and never seemed to find the barrrys --We thought we got lost--We got picked up by a ufo and they took us to a place and dropped us off--We think-- WE saw pine trees with snow on the branches ? --The next thing we no we found areselfs inside of a hourse fence a mile from home.--there is no way we could have walked there without crossing a tar road and 2 dirt roads. We did not cross any roads lost in the woods to get there. Thats where they dropped us off. We new right what had just happend. Also we don't remember when we lost the family dog. but the dog was at home.

1976 trapping season my same brother went to cheak our trap line in back of the house--with a friend they dident go far--on a hay feild at dusc they heard a crashing noise like branches braking--They stopped and saw a dark image of a small ufo come right out of the forest and stop at the feild --then it started to glow and they ran and got me and we all went back to the spot --we took a gun with --We dident see anything at frst so we went farther back to a tree line dividing 2 feilds--At the end of the next feild we could see a red object that flew in the night sky slowly over the trees --the light would go out--and when it came back on it was forward and down from where it was--and when the light went out agin and came back on it was back and up from where it just was--and we could see the tree tops lighting up under it --like it was taking picturs 1999 I was at my dads cabin in atkin MN with my family of 3 and we slept in a camper in the yard that stay.after we left my dad called me to say there was 3 dark rings in the grass in the most open part of the yard.He said they where not there untill we stayed over the weekend

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))