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Occurred : 7/31/2003 02:00 (Entered as : 07/31/03 200 am)
Reported: 8/27/2003 12:09:24 AM 00:09
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: Kelowna (Canada), BC
Shape: Other
Connection With Missing Time Experience This witness had no idea about the missing time event.

I had a telephone call from a lady who lives in Kelowna, British Columbia today, August 26, 2003. She explained that a friend had cut out an article which ran in the Kelowna Capital Newspaper about a UFO Investigator Seeking Witnesses To A UFO Sighting.

The lady told me she saw an unusual object in the night sky on July 31, 2003. She also told me she has a habit of glancing up into the sky as she has a beautiful view of the stars and it is very dark in her area. On this night the woman had already turned in, but couldn't sleep due to how warm it was in her home. The lady got up out of bed and went outside for some weird reason and when outside the lady looked towards the south. As the witness sat out looking around she spotted something, her thoughts were there shouldn't be any airplanes out here at this time of night, but there was something very strange. She watched an object traveling from east to west and described the object as being almond in shape and a luminas green in color. The witness also reports only seeing one green light.

The lady reports that from their location, which was not at all far away from the two ladies who experienced the missing time, something very strange took place. She brought out her camera to take some pictures, but as she tried to take her photos, the camera would not work. It went dead! Also she reports that the evening was warm, and she could hear coyotes cutting up. But soon they became silent, and so did everything else around them including the crickets which were making some noise. She said it was if someone had clicked off a switch. The air went from a nice sweet smelling night to a musty cold in this dead silence.

Also this witness said that two nights ago a person telephoned the radio station (CKOV) on an open line call in program and reported seeing a streak of light, and at the front of this streak a round ball was noted and the caller reported "it" had landed somewhere in South East Kelowna in the exact area where the green object had been witnessed, also where the two ladies had their missing time event.

HBCC UFO Note: This sighting is very, very important due to the date of this sighting, the time it was witnessed, the color which was green and the shape, which is reported here to be almond in shape. Also what has me all excited over it, is due to the location where the object was observed, which was where the two ladies watched the beings on the side of the highway and the green lights, then experienced the missing time. There will be more coming on this case, also I have interviewed the second witness who had the missing time on July 31, 2003 and will be writing up the report really quick. Before I forget, I will be contacting CKOV in hopes of getting some information, and if not maybe I may get lucky and have them request that this witness to the streak of light get a hold of me.

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