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Occurred : 7/30/2003 02:30 (Entered as : 07/30/03 02:30)
Reported: 8/8/2003 9:19:47 PM 21:19
Posted: 8/28/2003
Location: Delaware, OH
Shape: Changing
Dancing light in the sky appeared like a star but then changed colors and positions rapidly unlike a plane

Something woke me out of a sound sleep. And, as I lay in bed, I became aware of what at first appeared to be a very bright star, shining through my venetian blinds, which were not fully closed due to fact they are old and won't close all the way! As I watched the light it seemed to be dancing about and moving in an erratic pattern. It was at an indeterminate distance because of the oblique angle of the window to the object and the height of the object appeared to change rapidly as it bobbed and weaved in a random pattern. I would guess the object, whatever it was, was hovering out over West of 315 a 2 lane highway West of my location. I was groggy and wanted to sleep, although it kind of fascinated me and frightened me at the same time. It seemed to move down behind the tree line on the property further West of my building, and I can't remember falling asleep, but woke up again about 3 hours later and no light, star, or any other object was detectable in that part of the sky. In fact, a fog had rolled in and daylight was very murky and didn't allow good visibility that morning, and it rained hard later on that day as I remember with thunder and lightning in abundance. I also remember thinking about the sighting that next day and night and had some difficulty going to sleep for several nights since! Thank you!

((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. The planet, Mars, might have been in the western sky at the time indicated. PD))