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Occurred : 5/28/2003 22:20 (Entered as : 05/28/03 22:20)
Reported: 5/28/2003 9:35:48 PM 21:35
Posted: 6/3/2003
Location: Kansas, OK
Shape: Formation
3 lights in triangle pattern moving west to east

At 10:20 PM CST on 05-28-2003 Like several people, I've been a UFO buff for years! Since my childhood I've read just about every kind of UFO book made since the early 70's.

Yet, I've never seen a UFO until today and I'm excited.

We have a back deck here and I sit on it to watch satellites and aircraft going across the sky at dusk for 2-3 hours from time to time. It's my quiet time to reflect on my life, the economy, ect...

Tonight I noticed several satellites, I guess about 7, and 3 or 4 commercial aircraft flying across the sky. Commercial aircraft are pretty bright and have beacon lights. Sometimes you can see the glow from the windows down one side of a big jet cruising at 35,000 feet pretty easy. You can also hear the jet engine noise pretty easy from out here in the country. Satellites are different! They don't glow as bright as aircraft get,, yet they can move across the sky nearly as fast as aircraft can. A satellite moves much faster than an airplane yet at their altitude out in space, it gives the appearance of the relative speed of an airplane. In 20+ years of randomly watching satellites and aircraft, I will testify that they will appear and dis-appear into the distance usually within 2-3 minutes. Satellites will disappear quicker than aircraft as they rely on the setting sunlight to be seen! But, once a satellite crosses the sunset line in space, over your location, it disappears as satellites don't generate their own light like commerical aircraft do.

((NUFORC Note: We suspect the witness may have observed what are thought to be the U. S. Navy "NOSS" satellites, three of which fly in formation. NUFORC has received many such reports. PD))

Sitting in my chair, at precisely 10:20 PM, 5-28-2003, I noticed directly overhead three very dimly glowing lights amongst the stars. These lights were dimmer than the reflection of the last satellite I was which was only 5 minutes earlier. I would approximate 1/2 the light value of any satellite I've seen. And Satellites are dimmer than aircraft. These lights were moving VERY, VERY slow also! They were moving from due west to east. These lights direction and speed caused some concern within me as I have never seen anything move that slowly and further from west to east! Most satellites move in polar orbits around here or they are moving south west to north east or south east to north west... Never east west! NEVER! I've been a ham for 20 years and have communicated thru some of our OSCAR satellites in the past! Have even seen them travel across the sky, south to north, upon occassion! So direction and speed were very interesting! Very SLOW! Very DIM! And moving west to east.

At first, I thougth I was fortunate enought to see one of these moving triangles they have been talking about! Like the triangle spotted over Phoenix! But you could see stars thru this triangle! So it wasn't solid. It was three lights which were just moving together across the sky, going very slow, being very dim, and traveling from west to east! So I felt that my space junk, or what ever it was would dis-appear, at the usual spot in the sky where the last satellite did as it would see earth's sunset and the glow would go away as these objects entered darkeness.

I waited and waited and waited. They got to the place in the sky they should have dis-appeared and they did not. I assumed that because of their dim lights they must really be very far out in space so I waited some more. But the lights didn't go out in 15 minutes of watching them. They dis-appeared into the eastern sky at around 25 degrees above the horizon! SO! So they must have been making their own light and this was an actual UFO I just saw, OR, I just witnessed 3 very large asteroids which nearly hit planet earth! It could be either! I'm not sure.

An Asteroid would be far enough out that it would be plausable that it would not be affected by the setting sun AND it would explain the very dim glow and slow movement across the sky.

The other thing about the siting I wanted to say was the pattern these 3 lights made which caused me to believe it was a triangle of some kind. In the reports of phoenix, I believe witnesses said the nose of the triangle had a light and each tail peice both starboard and port side of the craft had a light. It's merely my opinion but because of the pointyness formed by the three lights my mind had the impression this triangle was moving from west to east going sideways. The nose was pointed ruffly North/North-East and the other distant tail lights, IF YOU WILL, were south of the nose. I watched the distance of these lights and noticed that by the time they reached the horizon to the east before I lost them, it appeared the distance between all three lights had been reduced.

I'm thinking this must have been 3 asteroids because every account I ever read about a UFO leaves me with the impression that the witness saw bright lights or glowing colors! COLORS! There were no colors to these lights! These lights had the same color of a dim star! Just a faint white glow. All three were about the same dim appearance, the imagined NOSE of my triangle being the brightest.

I would have probably missed all three had I been looking anywhere else. They were going so slow that you have to star at them to see the movement! Very, very slow.

15 minutes for a straight over head to eastern setting is an extremely long time for a Satellite! It's UNHEARD OF! Why if a satellite were really moving that slow it would re-enter the earths atmosphere! I'll conclude to say that I don't do drugs and I don't drink either.

My occupation is Programmer/Analyst and my hobbies are Ham Radio and Computers using the Linux Operating System.

Anyway, I'm pleased to have posted my very first UFO encounter here on this website and I hope that before my life is over I get the opportunity to see at least one more.

If anyone reading this report from the government has data about a near earth collision of 3 asteroids, I would like to hear about this. I'm really thinking that's what I just saw and it frightens me a little either way. What ever those three dim lights were, at that distance it would have to be HUGE to be natural.

On the other hand, perhaps I did see some kind of UFO, craft of some kind.