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Occurred : 9/3/2001 22:07 (Entered as : 09/03/01 10:07)
Reported: 5/24/2003 10:59:17 AM 10:59
Posted: 5/27/2003
Location: Wittmann, AZ
Shape: Teardrop
scary and small about 20 by 20 ft tear shaped

i was in the desart sleeping by myself i was trying to kindle a small fire,with a magnesium fire starter and then i had a small flame going then all the sudden with all the straw and dry grass the fire shot up then came down to nothing.i heard a whirring sound and i felt as if i was paralyzed,i had never felt so comforted yet i felt as if i was throwing up i was throwing up clearish pink fluid that tasted horible they(i dont quite know who greys,or whatever had me) took me into some capsule shaped like a sharpened oval type thing and they spread sticky gel on me and cut behind my ears i was awokende later that night by a monsterous headache and two small slits behind my head

((NUFORC Note: We will request that the witness, a student, submit photographic evidence in support of his claim that there are marks on his skin. PD))