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Occurred : 6/4/2001 17:30 (Entered as : 06/04/01 17:30)
Reported: 4/27/2003 7:19:21 AM 07:19
Posted: 4/27/2003
Location: Steilacoom, WA
Shape: Other
Duration:2 MINUTES
Slightly elongated "Stop Sign" shaped with a hole in the center, silent, pulled 90 degree turns

On 4 Jun 01 at 17:30 hours (dusk) I was walking in a park in Steilacoom WA. I was walking South and casually observing large geese(?) by a puddle. A flying object came into my peripheral vision on my right. I presumed it was another goose and didn't look directly at it at first. When I finally looked up, I saw a slightly elongated Stop-Sign shaped object (octagon?) with a hole in the middle. I was a bit stunned and attempted to discern if it was cardboard or paper...perhaps a large kite. It was definitely not either. It was black and looked approximately 30 feet in diameter. The hole in the center was 3-5 feet in diameter. About 100 feet in the air, it traveled Eastward approxmately 25 mph on it's edge and then made an amazing 90 degree turn moving away from me. It then appeared to be 2-3 feet thick. It traveled about 2-3 seconds and then again made a 90 degree turn; resuming it's original course. I looked around briefly to see if anyone else was around me and of course, no one was. I looked at it again and it began to make a slight parabolic turn and disappeared behind some hills in the park. The object made no noise during the entire incident.

I told no one of this incident. About 60 days later, I was going to Seattle (from McChord AFB) with my boss who began to recant a story when she and her family went to Seattle Lake for the 4th of July. She began to explain that she saw something in the air. Before she could finish, I described the object to her. We were both amazed that we saw the same thing.

((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that it was "dusk" at "17:30 hrs.." However, it should still be light at that time of day, so we will attempt to clarify that apparent discrepancy with him. He describes himself as being a member of the military, so he should be familiar with the 24-hour clock, we believe. PD))