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Occurred : 4/22/2003 22:00 (Entered as : 4-22-03 10:00 pm)
Reported: 4/23/2003 9:36:29 AM 09:36
Posted: 4/27/2003
Location: Olympia, WA
Shape: Diamond
Duration:15 minutes
Diamond Shape light with beams over Capital Forest in Olympia, WA across from Mud Bay

I live in the woods overlooking the Capital Forest past some farm land and Mud Bay in Olympia, WA . I have lived in this house for two months. The view is spectacular, and numerous times daily I take in this view. Last night I glanced up while making bottles for my 7 month old, and there were two bright lights above the forest hills. One of the lights was much smaller than the other one. So, I walked from the kitchen and went out on our deck. Indeed something was odd! So, I went to wake up my husband who was sleeping on the couch. By the time I got back the small light had vanished.

I got a much better look at the bigger light. Let me state that in all of my hill gazing in the past there are a couple houses on the upper portion of the forest, and a small pin-size light. There is (and never has been) a light like this. The light was so bright! It was a bright white light that sometimes looked red. It had huge blue green rays that came off the craft that were very defined. The light was a diamond shape, and brighter than any light (minus the sun) that I've ever seen. My husband would not wake up! I finally got him up and he went out and looked and said "yeah, I'm going to bed". He was half asleep, and even though I pleaded that "you know there are no lights there" his overtime ridden body had taken the helm.

I couldn't find our digital camera, so I woke my husband up 10 minutes later, and he said it was out in the car, but I couldn't find it. He must have left it at work. I even have a 10X zoom, so I might have been able to get a good shot. This is the part that frustrates me the most! I was amazed that I had time to call my Mom on the east coast (twice to wake her up) and talk on the phone for about 10 minutes, wake my husband up twice, look for the camera in the car and upstairs and downstairs before the light went away.

My Mom and Grandma had a UFO experience when my Mom was about 4 years old in Florida. I had only heard the story once, but they were both so adamant that it had happened that I knew my Mom would believe me! Ironically, my Grandfather had been sleeping at the time and wouldn't wake up. If only my baby were older and could share this with me (like my Mom had)! I had expected the light to zip away as others had described, but it didn't. It turned off like a light switch. I was looking at the craft when it happened. Let me reiterate that there are NO LIGHTS on the forest top brighter than a pin light. The only thing I kept thinking was that if this was an american aircraft why was it not moving? No helicopter could have lights like this and still fly, and no plane could hover in the same spot for 15 minutes.

I searched the local paper this morning to see if anything had been reported. I didn't find anything about it. That's when I saw this website. I was tempted to phone the police last night, but what was I going to say..."I saw a UFO"? I haven't even told any of my friends at work. I continued to watch after the light went out, but the only thing I saw was a number of cars driving on the road at the bottom of the forest hills. It seemed like the numbers of cars traveling that road had increased significantly, but I can't be sure. I'm not normally looking and counting the cars. I do usually notice 3/4 cars a night and there were atleast 10 last night.

I was hoping that it was because numerous people had seen the lights and it would be reported in the paper. I was never frightened during this experience until my Mom said "if you get a visit tell them whatever they want to know". This, of course, scared the crap out of me! At 10:45pm my baby started screaming and I was scared something had happened. Perhaps I had seen too much? Maybe I was lucky because I couldn't find the camera? I think the screaming stemmed from a first tooth being born, not aliens poking and prodding my baby. I slept at the foot of my bed so that I could look out our sliding glass window in our bedroom. My protection: a pillow, a golf club, and some water. Yeah, I know, Hollywood is always right! I am totally freaked out about the whole situation, and will keep my eyes looking in that direction for quite some time. Whether I will actually tell any of my friends...will remain a mystery. I hope that others will report to this website the same sight and I can atleast share the experience with someone.