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Occurred : 4/13/2003 21:15 (Entered as : 04/13/03 21:15)
Reported: 4/15/2003 8:00:22 PM 20:00
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Meriwether County (Greenville), GA
Shape: Other
Duration:15 - 25 secs
A hoard of bright red strobbing and some laser-like lights manifested inside my automobile, while I was driving.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003 8:11:46 PM: As per requested of the National UFO Reporting Center, the following sumation reflects (to the best of my memory and preceptions) the events that happened to me (the writer), my brother and his wife on Sunday, April 13, 2003 @ 9:15 PM.

I live in the North Georgia area. My brother and his wife live in Greenville, GA, located in West GA. I picked them up at their home early Sunday AM to make a day trip to Albany, GA, to visit with our sister and her family. The day was beautiful and we all had a delightful visit with them.

Around 6:30 PM we started our journey back to our homes. We were riding in my Ford Explorer. I was driving, my brother was next to me in the front passenger side and sister-in-law was in the back seat behind my brother. We decided to take a different way back home than what we took on the journey down for our visit. We took a road that is labeled HWY 41, a 2 lane road that is very isolative and very rural. The radio was turned off in the car as the the three of us were enjoying our own conversation and dialogue. Night feel around 8:00 PM to 8:30 PM, as we are on day-light savings time. There was only scant traffic on the road, since turning onto HWY 41. We traveled through the town of Warm Springs, GA., Meriwether County and left the city limits headed North West (still on HWY 41) to Greenville were my brother lives. I saw no other cars, houses, or signs of activity while on this jaunt, until the event!! This is the account of the event to the best of my memory and through my preceptions.

At the "blink of an eye"and without in audio - visual or other sensory warning, a hoard of bright red lights manifested inside my SUV. I panic initially for a second or two, then began slowing my speed to around 30 miles/hour. I, at least felt some sense of security as I had 2 passengers with me. MY sister-in-law yelled out to me calling my name, "pull over, are those police lights?" I looked into the rear-view mirror and there was no police car and no other activity that I could see. I looked at the clock in the car, it was 9:15 PM. I could not count the lights as they were many, extremely eradic, strobbing, all apeared to be relatively small, I noticed some had short laser-like beam qualities as might be seen in some high-end disco club, in short; they were ever where inside the car, except the trunk (I will comment on this very shortly). By this time all three of us had vocally announced to one another that we were experiencing this event. I felt totally out of control and knew that I would not have a say-so as to the outcome of this event. In awe, I knew what was happening was not of this World!! I looked in the re-view mirror to check on my sisiter-in-law and saw her in a panaroma of bright red lights . I turned my head briefly (as the car was still moving) to look at her and I noticed that there was none of these eradic, red lights in the trunk area of my SUV. The red lights seem to be focused on the front and back seats. As my head was turned looking at her I noticed the same lights at her feet and legs, the floor board was a hue of red probably from the reflection from the briliant display. I noticed the same type pattern of red lights and activity ongoing with my brother as well. The floor board again was red hue as it was in the back seat. I looked out the window and over the dash board onto the hood and did not see any activity as was being awesomely and eradically displayed in the front and back seat. This event lasted about 15 - 25 seconds to long. The event ceased, as quick as the onset, when a car or motorcycle appeared in the distance approaching the opposite direction.

I asked my brother, as he knows the demographics of that area very well, where exactly was our location. He replyed in slang type verbage the name of the general area, that was know to him and others in his small community.

In closing, police lights are not red!! How does red-strobbing and some laser-like lights travel with you in a moving car? How could they be inside and not outside? Could this all be a gimmick or circus trick?? I don't think so!!~~~~~I know what the red lights were doing!!

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness at considerable length, and we found him to be an exceptional witness. We have spoken with one of the other two witnesses to this event, and she, too, sounded to us to be both sober-minded and eloquent, in her description of the event. Please see the other two reports. The case has been forwarded to MUFON/Georgia. PD))