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Occurred : 3/20/2003 22:30 (Entered as : 03/20/03 22:30)
Reported: 4/14/2003 4:59:01 PM 16:59
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Montverde, FL
Shape: Oval
Duration:I stayed out there for 30
Object in sky over Clermont, FL

I am a dorm parent at a boarding school. I had just gotten the girls down to bed and went outside to smoke a cig. Looked up and had to look again, this light was stationary and had blinking lights on it. Looked like red/orange, blue and white. I went and got 2 of my students to make sure I wasn't seeing things. They saw the same thing I did. I got my camera, mount it on the trypod and took a few shots. I have not gotten them developed yet. I'm not sure how clear they are. I took several shots with different time lapses. The craft only moved slightly everyonce in a while, but kept blinking the whole time. I unfortunately had to go into bed. I saw the object over Clermont,FL, I was on the 3rd story of the dorm and could see the night sky clearly. (I will ge the images developed very soon) !!!!