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Occurred : 3/7/2003 01:45 (Entered as : 03/07/03 01.45)
Reported: 4/7/2003 7:37:58 PM 19:37
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Bristol (UK/England),
Shape: Light
l saw a flash in the night sky

1.30am coming in from a night out i saw a flash in the night sky. I looked and saw a bright white light moving the speed of a jet .Then it slowed almost to a stop almost as if it wanted me to see it but I was struggling to view this bright light through the clouds.I became anxious because I seem to see these lights often in the same circumstances.Sometimes travelling very fast vanishing then reappearing flashing then vanishing again.Time to video this phenomenon.It kept moving real slow but at a constant speed every now and then it would start throbbing .It continued like this for about an hour until it was to small to film.On the play back of this footage my camera recorded other flying rod like objects.