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Occurred : 3/25/2003 20:55 (Entered as : 03/25/03 20:55)
Reported: 3/28/2003 1:39:29 PM 13:39
Posted: 4/22/2003
Location: Coquitlam (Canada), BC
Shape: Triangle
Duration:4 sec
Huge black triangle travels quickly

The witness who reported the sighting had just stepped outside to have a cigarette and said he noticed this "thing" out of the corner of his eye. The witness said the craft was seen just above the clouds after it broke into a clearing in the night sky. He described the object as being very large, black, triangular in shape with three points of light on each of the objects tips.

Also noted about the object was that it moved very fast and was totally silent and went on to say he couldn't hear a thing. (no noise coming from the object) The craft was flying roughly east to west.

(HBCC UFO Note: I asked if the witness might give me some kind of idea just how high the object was off the ground). Again he said it was just above the ceiling (cloud cover). He also went on to tell me that he had checked with the weather channel to see what the ceiling would have been and was told it was at approx: 11,000 feet. The object was seen just above the ceiling as it broke into the clear sky. (HBCC UFO Note: I wanted to get some kind of idea where the witness was located at the time, as I know the Coquitlam very well as this is where I grew up. He was located around the Coquitlam side, or shadow of Burnaby Mountain and said the object was seen somewhere close, or flying over the 401 Freeway. He told me he was so shocked at what he was seeing, plus the size of it. The fellow said one could have placed or spread three jumbo jets into the object easily. The object was witnessed for approx: 3 to 4 seconds in total.

The gentleman's parting words to me was that it freaked him right out !!

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Brian Vike, Director of the Houston, British Columbia, Canada UFO Research organization, for sharing this report. We encourage other witnesses to the same event to contact Mr. Vike directly at the following e-address: <>

His website homepage for Canadian reports, or ordering his newsletter, is:


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