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Occurred : 3/3/2003 07:55 (Entered as : 03/03/03 7:55 a.m)
Reported: 3/8/2003 12:47:37 AM 00:47
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Houston (Canada), BC
Shape: Other
Duration:approx: 1 1/2 mins
Large object parallels Truck on Highway #16 at approx: 300 - 400 feet away.

Tonight on Friday, March 7, 2003 at approx: 8:30 p.m. I received a telephone call from two local Houston, B.C. residents who wanted to report something very strange they had saw on March 3, 2003 at approx: 7:55 a.m. The two witnesses were at the same location here in town when they made the call to me here at HBCC UFO Research.

The reason why the witnesses decided to tell their story was due to the newspaper articles which ran on the UFO Survey, and myself in out local newspaper this past Wednesday. They also told me they both spent sometime trying to make up their minds if they should actually call me over what they saw.

The first thing one of the fellows said to me was, "my buddy and I saw something very weird the other day, and are still questioning ourselves over what we saw". He went on to say there was himself and his friend in his truck travelling along highway #16 just east from Houston, B.C. Since it is getting lighter earlier these days, the fellows witnesses this object in the daylight.

Just before they got to Perow, there is a large farmers field which runs for a long way, and also runs along side the highway with a buffer of trees between the field and the highway. His friend was the passenger in the truck and first noticed a large object paralleling them along the highway. The driver looked at the speed they were travelling and said he was doing approx: 50 kilometers an hour. The distance between the witnesses and the object would have been approx: 300 to 400 feet. So they both had a very close up look at it. (keep in mind there were the trees in between the truck and object which did hinder the view at times). Also the field drops down somewhat below the highway, so the forestry workers did not get a good look at the bottom of this craft.

They both described the object as looking like an "Air Stream Trailer", and the size was close to the a Greyhound Bus. It was metallic in color, and no other features could be seen on it. No lights, windows, nothing !! The object stayed straight across from their truck as they drove along, as I mentioned above. It paced their veicle !! The passenger had rolled down the window to see if he was able to hear any sound coming from this object, but none was heard, it was silent. After approx: 3/4 quarters of a kilometer the craft turned slowly away from the highway, wobbled slightly, sped up, wobbled once again and then shot off out of sight very quickly.

HBCC UFO Note: Since the object was so low, and on the other side of the standing trees, I asked if they had observed any moment in the trees. Such as any disturbance which would have moved the tress in anyway. None was noticed. Something else I should add. When the witnesses mentioned that is wobbled, one of the fellows said it was like looking through a heat wave, which gave it a look as if it was slightly wobbling. Also both of the man made comments to one another, saying it was so strange and not a normal aircraft as it had no wings on it's body. He also mentioned due to the type of work he is involved with he had made many trips on different aircraft, and what he and his friend saw was "no" aircraft they know of. I am also going out tomorrow to grab some pictures of the area where the sighting took place. I hope to have some drawings and more information after I sit down and chat with the two witnesses over the weekend. There is more to this story to come.

((NUFORC Note: We express our gratitude to Brian Vike, Director of the Houston, British Columbia, Canada UFO Research organization, for sharing this report. We encourage other witnesses to the same event to contact Mr. Vike directly at the following e-address: <>

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