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Occurred : 3/2/2003 14:00 (Entered as : 03/02/03 14:00)
Reported: 3/5/2003 4:58:30 PM 16:58
Posted: 3/11/2003
Location: Blackpool, Lancashire (UK/England),
Shape: Cylinder
Duration:20 seconds
Blackpool,Lancs,(UK-England) Cylinder

I was standing on the seafront of Blackpool (an English UK holiday resort) which is situated in the North West of England. The time would be approximately 14:00 hrs.The weather was fine and dry, bright sunshine and a slight breeze. I was enjoying the view out to sea when I noticed an 'object' traversing from my left hand side, the 'object' had the following characteristics: SHAPE= CYLINDRICAL::LENGTH OF OBJECT=40 FEET:: DIAMETER OF OBJECT=4 FEET::DISTANCE TO OBJECT=1000 YARDS:: HEIGHT ABOVE SEA LEVEL=300FEET::COLOUR=DARK GREY/BLACK,NO REFLECTIONS OFF SURFACE, I COULD NOT DISTINGUISH ANY OTHER FEATURES FROM MY DISTANCE.The object reminded me of the long advertising banners which can be dragged along behind a light aircraft, however there was no aircraft pulling the object, I heard no noise and saw no signs of propulsion. The cylinder took about twenty seconds to move across my field of vision, It travelled at a steady speed, which I would estimate at about 50 mph.It stayed at the same height, I lost sight of it because of distance. I am certain that the object was not a plane, boat, kite, weather balloon,flock of birds. I have no idea what the object could have been. I have heard no reports of any other witnesses.

I am 44 years of age, Electrical engineer, I have never seen an object like this before. I have an open mind regarding 'UFO's', but do not feel comfortable as describing this object as a UFO- I cannot explain what I saw, but I am afraid that until I personally shake a little green hand, I shall enjoy a healthy scepticism