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Occurred : 2/20/2003 22:15 (Entered as : 02/20/03 10:15pm)
Reported: 2/23/2003 4:56:20 PM 16:56
Posted: 2/25/2003
Location: Wellington Cap-Egmont (Canada), PE
Shape: Light
Duration:1 hour 10:15pm-11:15pm
Me and my father have seen a odd light on top of the Northumberland Strait almost every night from 10:00pm to 11:00pm for at lease the last 21/2 to 3 year. It is bright white, then changes orange - Yellow. It never has a sound and is around 100 feet in the air. It never takes off from land. You just watch in the sky at 10:00pm and it just appears out of no where! Then it is just in the sky not moving for 15-20 minutes and starts to go about 1 kilometer east, and then turns around and goes 1 Kilometer west.

But this night Febuary 20 2003 really took are attention.

It was 10:00pm. Me and my friend were at the beach. I told my friend about this light me and my father watch every night from 10 to 11. So we decided to go at the beach and wait for this light to appear. Around 10:15pm the light appeared once again.

I showed my friend so we watched it for 2 or 3 minutes then went home. I told my father the light was out again.

So we watched it from 10:15pm to 10:35pm. It did not move. Then around 10:36pm it started to move quickly toward east, then turned and went west the stoped. It then became very bright. And then out of no were a second same bright light appeared. Now there was two bright lights in the sky. Then we saw a plane going towards these lights.

The lights were not moving at this time. The air jet passed bettwen these two bright lights and went toward Moncton. After a few minutes the two lights were moving around east to west. Then out of no where, a third REALLY brighter light appeared. Now we were watching three really bright lights flying in the sky with no sound. We had never ever saw three bright lights flying around the sky before like this night. We were really freaked out. We watched them till around 11:15pm. Then they just dissapeared in the air with no trace. We talked to other people in our area, and they recall seeing that bright light before, but never took much attention to it. But me and my father took alot of attention into it and are very puzzled, on what this could be. It can't be a plane. Planes just don't sit 100 feet in the air not moving for 15 minutes then start to move back and forward on top of the water for and hour, almost every nigh of the week. Especially not three of them!!! Plus, we would be able to hear the engines if it was a plane. It can't be a hellicopter because, what would a hellicopter be doing out on top of the water (Northumberland Strait) every night flying around back and foward for 1 hour with no hellicopter noise. And it is for SURE not a weather ballon!!!!

((NUFORC Note: We presume that the location of the alleged incidents is Canada, although the witness does not indicate that fact directly. We will request reports from the other witnesses. PD))