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Occurred : 2/8/2003 21:15 (Entered as : 02/08/03 21:15)
Reported: 2/8/2003 6:57:44 PM 18:57
Posted: 3/21/2003
Location: Chatham, NJ
Shape: Triangle
Duration:30 seconds
Trianguliar shaped craft, silently land set it self down

Me and my friend were walking outside,and we look up and we see what we thought was a plane.So we didn't think much of it. So we went on the oppisite sides of the street to test how far my walky talkeys can strech. I look up back at the sky and the lights re-apper,they are very close to me, and I see Three lights in a triangler type shape. And I can describe how I saw the shape of the craft because it was the same color of the night. At this point I am extatic i start running towards my friend screaming. Tell him to look at the object we see it start to desend what I believe was about a 1/2 mile away towards abandon property. It hoverd down unlike a plan. Also the Craft was Silent.